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a smarter, simpler and more profitable way of growing your business

If you’re ready to step up and grow your business but the day-to-day grind is getting you down, then it’s time for us to talk.

Discover a smarter way of working

We’ll review where it is you are headed and work what changes you may need to make your business model and your marketing strategy.

Know what to take action on

Let’s get decisions made and give you a clear focus so you know exactly what to start taking action on today, next week and next month.

Reconnect with your business again

It’s easy to fall out of love with your business when you’re stuck & confused so it’s time to re-connect with your passion and purpose.

Book a call to speak to us and discover the simplest & smartest ways to re-align your business and get a plan for growth.

Is there a charge for this call?

No. there’s no charge for this initial call with us.

This is your opportunity to speak directly with either Karen or one of her coaches and discover exactly what you may be missing, how to prioritise the important projects on your to-do lists and where to focus your time and energy to get the growth you want. If we can help you move forward with the action plan we come up with together during the call, we will let you know what support we can give you or which programme is suited best for you.

If you want to reach out to us before scheduling a call, please contact Alexia Padgham on +44 (0)1428 607745 or email her at [email protected]

Who is Karen Skidmore?

Hi, I’m Karen Skidmore, author of True Profit Business and founder of Momentum, our business growth programme. We work with change makers, visionaries and go-it-aloners; micro-business owners who want to make a difference, make money and thrive in the process.

Burn out is rife right now. Our business culture celebrates hustle-and-grind and sells us the passive income dream and laptop freedom lifestyle. For those of you who want to make a difference and create a bigger impact, whilst still be able to make good money, this social pressure to achieve and crush goals, has resulted in exhaustion and launch fatigue for many

If you are feeling lost, confused and exhausted by never ending to-do lists, we’re here to help. We can give you business advice and growth strategy that will turn YOU into a profitable, sustainable and scalable business that fuels you, gives you the income you want and enables you to make a bigger impact.

You might just need a little nudge in taking that next step to simplify your business or you might be looking for a full support structure to help you create the impact you’re here to make (or anything in between). Either way, we’d love to talk with you. 

We need to change we do business. We simply can’t afford any more business owners to burn out before they achieve their vision. It’s why we need to stop chasing formulas and money-only goals. We don’t need more profit; we need True Profit.”

Karen Skidmore

Discover a smarter, simpler and more profitable way of doing business


Luck’s Yard Clinic

Solid systems in place, dream team hired & confidence to launch a new coaching business alongside her thriving family clinic


Get Gorgous

From overwhelmed to tech confident, Adele’s new lead generation system is rocking her business


Nutritional Therapist

Confidence skyrocketed because 95% of enquires are saying YES to her new programme and referrals are coming in with ease


Clinical Psychologist

From travelling miles every day to now having the time to focus on developing her successful online business while achieving a healthy work/life balance

The True Profit Business Team

A combined total of 30 years of small business mentoring and marketing experience from your senior coaches, Karen and Melina, and personal welcome and support from your Community Manager, Alexia, means that you are getting support from one of the most experienced business growth support team in the UK.

Senior Coach

Melina Abbott joined the Momentum team in 2019 to support the continuing growth of the community. Melina is a ninja sales queen helping Momentum clients implement all the different pieces of the sale process itself – ensuring they’re set up to generate sales quickly and with ease.  Then there’s the hidden aspect of sales – the inner game where clients’ feelings around money value are reflected in the income they generate.  Melina is brilliant at shining a light on these patterns and limiting beliefs which may have been holding clients back for years.  Once they’re seen she then supports clients transform and heal them so sales start flowing – seemingly effortlessly.


Karen Skidmore is the founder of Momentum. She first started developing Momentum’s unique growth project management and planning process in 2014 when she realised her clients were in need of longer-term strategic thinking to help them with their business growth plans. Her talents lie in spotting growth opportunities and understanding the operational needs of the business; the marketing systems, business processes and infrastructure needed for a business leader and their team to work simpler and make a bigger impact, as well as deliver 5-star customer service. Described as a ‘quiet storm’ by some, she will always have your back and stretch you to think bigger and become your full potential.

Community Manager

Alexia Padgham has been supporting Karen in her business since 2007 so she knows exactly what her clients and community members need to help them in their business growth journeys. She personally welcomes all new members into Momentum and ensures you know where to find all the resources available to you. If you need your password resetting or links to any of the calls, she’s here to help.

Caroline, Confident Teens Founder

Momentum has made me more ambitious for my business, to set bigger goals and have bigger plans.

One key thing has been the mindset of partnership power which has allowed me to recognise my expert status and be much firmer on pricing. I’m not chasing work and doing it at whatever price but instead staying true to my value. This has also got me seeing myself as a leader in my business. I know now that I have a leadership role in my business to take it forward, and I’m asking myself what team I need around me to make it happen.

Karen is very encouraging and insightful in terms of her ability to cut to the crux of the issue on a call. She’s got this unusual combination of working on an inner and outer game; she’s really good at spotting when it’s actually ourselves that are holding us back. She can see if it’s obstacles we are putting in our own way or there really are obstacles there.

Momentum does what it says on the tin. I feel I’ve gone from zig-zagging from one thing to another to now having a forward flow in my business. I now have consistent progress from implementing specific things that I know are moving me forward.


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