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Purposeful Profit


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Date: Friday, 14th June

Time: 12:30 pm to 1:30 pm (London Time)

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What’s on the agenda

Over the past couple of weeks, I have been running live streams with Melina Abbott over in my True Profit Business Facebook group. We’ve been discussing the 3 energies our businesses need to give us to enable us to become our potential; Money, Creativity & Impact. Now feels the right time to share these ideas in a more structured, practical training with you. I hope you can join me for this insightful session. 

During this one hour session, I will be sharing how these 3 energies of Money, Creativity and Impact work together, and what you can do to lead your business with purpose AND profit.

Some of the ideas that I will be sharing:

  • How we don’t have to wait until we have made enough money before being able to make an impact
  • The importance of us being in flow and why some marketing campaigns or blueprints work for some, but not for others (even when in the same industry)
  • How to use your business to change the world (and it starts with defining what ‘your’ world is!)
  • What the 17 Global Goals are and how to use them in your business
  • How using your profits for good can help you become more profitable
  • 2 easy ways of giving money and avoiding legal problems

Karen Skidmore
The Business Catalyst

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