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 28th – 30th October, 2020

Here’s your event schedule 

We are so excited that you have decided to join us for this 3 day festival. We hope you like the interesting mix of topics we’ve put together to help educate and inspire you to embrace your midlife and menopause in your business, life and leadership.

We are running this event via Zoom, as well as broadcasting live into our Facebook Group, which means you will be able to join us live in the Zoom webinar room or watch via Facebook. Either way, you will be able to ask questions through Zoom chat or Facebook comment options and engage in each session.

You can join for the full three days or pick and choose the sessions; all the interviews and both panel discussions will be recorded so if you miss any, you can watch back at a time that suits. The Embrace Hub will be made available after the event and we will send you instructions on how to login and access these automatically.

The one session that we recommend you do join is our Menopowerful Women’s Circle at lunch time on Thursday 29th October. This gathering is for everyone to be seen and be heard and join our breakout room discussions.

In the meanwhile, we can’t wait to meet you. Let’s get this festival started!

From your hosts,

Karen Skidmore

Business Growth Mentor & Coach, Business Books Awards Finalist 2020, Podcaster & author of ‘True Profit Business; How to play your bigger game without burning out’

Nicki Williams

Qualified Nutritionist, Hormone Expert, founder of Happy Hormones For Life & author of ‘It’s Not You, It’s Your Hormones’

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Day One: Wednesday 28th October

9.00am to 9.30am – Opening Ceremony

Join Karen Skidmore & Nicki Williams for the opening of the festival

Karen & Nicki are going to set the stage for the next three days with an overview of what’s coming, who to look out for and what sessions you won’t want to miss. This first session of the day is going to give you what you need to help you make the most of the conversations, connections and the expert interviews happening throughout the three days.

Plus, there’s prizes to be won for those live on the call or watching in the Facebook Group!

10.00am to 10.45am – Menopause Support & Wellbeing

Nutrition for menopause: Forget perfection & find balance

with Nicola Moore, Nutrition & Wellbeing

Huge hormonal shifts happen during your permimenopause, which impact on your weight, memory, mood and food cravings. When food can be a source of joy, and eating well an act of self love, it is possible to change your health trajectory, and sometimes the simplest and easiest things are the most impactful.

If you are wondering what’s happened to your waist and can’t understand why dieting doesn’t seem to work, this session is going to hep you understand what is going on with your hormonal shifts. Nicola hopes to leave feeling empowered with her pragmatic, practical and inspiring dietary and lifestyle suggestions, and positive about what you can do to support your health.

About Nicola

Nicola Moore, registered nutritionist, is on a mission to champion positive messages and relationships with food, which she does through her online clinic, public speaking, under-graduate lectures, Healthily podcast and social media videos and posts. Nicola has spent the best part of the last 20 years in the sector of nutrition and lifestyle medicine as a forward-thinking nutritionist. She held the role of a senior academic at the Institute for Optimum Nutrition (ION) for over 12 years, and overall Head of Clinics for 4 years. During her time at ION she was instrumental in improving the standards of clinical training and professional development of the nutritional therapy profession.

Nicola’s sensible, evidence-based and pragmatic approach has won praise from both the nutrition industry and public sector, and she is regularly asked to speak at conferences and events, and contribute to mainstream media delivering opinion and advice.

She runs an online clinic, working with clients throughout the UK and internationally. It is her philosophy of focussing on positive relationships with food – and actively stepping back from the perceived perfection that so many people feel they should be achieving – that has most fundamentally enabled lasting, positive impact on the health of her clients. She focuses on getting the root cause of her client’s health concerns, working in collaboration with them for a meaningful period of time. Nicola’s main areas of interest are in gut-related immunity and hormone issues, as she has found these to be inherently important to achieving results in a wide range of health conditions and concerns.

Contact Details

Instagram: @nicolamoorenutrition

11.15am to 12noon – Business Leadership & Work Flow

Sacred Selling: Integrating inner wisdom with profitable, practical business strategies

with Melina Abbott, Spiritual Sales Coach

Your business is an expression of who you are. The midlife can be a time that allows you to connect more deeply to divine wisdom and heed the messages you receive, which can be a wonderful opportunity to become more profitable in your business and feel more fulfilled.

In this session you’ll discover the three keys to creating a sales system that’s fully aligned with who you are (no gimmicks or sleazy sales techniques), how to deeply connect with your community in a way that suits your unique personality and style (and have them reach out to work with you) and how to harness a feeling of lightness and ease when it comes to selling and growing your business..

About Melina

Melina Abbott helps spiritually aware coaches sell with integrity & grow a profitable aligned business. Starting out in 2004, she enrolled her first client within 8 weeks whilst working full time and bringing up a toddler. After hiring her first mentor she took her business to 6 figures – but discovered that this didn’t give her the freedom she craved. In fact, she felt more trapped than ever – her “not enough” story still played out, & she felt like a fraud. She stopped teaching sales, retired all her online programmes to embark on a journey of discovery. This led to the development of Sacred Selling – a blend of practical, numbers-based systems, with intuitive, spiritual transformation.

Contact Details


12.30pm to 1.30pm – Panel Discussion

Real Life Menopause Stories: How can we support more women in more ways

We are bringing together four women with very different menopause journeys to discuss the importance of menopause education and how all women must know what options are available to them.

Melanie McKay

Sam Palmer

Qualified Nurse, Fitness Coach & Menopause Advocate

2pm to 2.45pm – Spirit & Soul

Calling in love after 40

with Katie Phillips, Therapeutic Master Coach

If you want to be inspired and hopeful that love is possible for you after the age of 40, then you will want to tune in to this session. You are going to  discover that you are not wired wrong and you are not damaged. You will begin to understand that dating doesn’t have to be another thing on your ‘to do’ list because there’s a way of aligning and magnifying your energy that has you become a magnet for him to find you. Igniting your feminine energy is key and mid-life is the perfect invitation to this because your body is literally re-setting.

About Katie

Katie Phillips is a therapeutic master coach, founder of The School of Self Love and author of ‘The Self Love Affair – A Woman’s Guide To A Daring & Mighty Life’. With a focus on mental / emotional mastery, masculine / feminine energy principles, spirituality and a twist of ‘woo woo’, Katie supports female entrepreneurs with very bespoke coaching support so they can increase their impact and income while honouring their wellbeing, relationships and highest values. She is particularly passionate about supporting single women to call in their soul mate and this is currently a huge focus of her work.

Contact Details


3pm to 3.45pm – Body & Movement

Pelvic floor matters for midlifers

with Linda Stephens, Women’s Wellbeing and Pelvic Health Specialist

Many women enter nursing homes because on incontinence. Currently, most women stay in nursing homes because of incontinence! Tena like to make us think this is normal. This session will help you understand what is pelvic floor dysfunction, why is leaking, bowel problems, pain, urgency, stress incontinence, prolapse, etc so common from peri menopause and beyond, and what actions can be taken to reduce both potential for and severity of pelvic floor dysfunction.

There is a huge amount that women can do to reduce symptoms and prevent degeneration without surgery, or reduce the stats around further surgery if they’ve had it. Education, then a commitment to simple wellbeing practices can make ALL the difference. 

About Linda

Linda started her career in TV. Sixteen years ago she had two children in fourteen months and re-trained as a pre and post-natal yoga specialist. Linda’s own third birth was life changing; going into labour at twenty-four weeks; she spent four months lying down to save the pregnancy and birthed with a fully split pubic bone.  Ancient yoga tools anchored her then and along with bio mechanical training, helped her recover without surgery afterwards. YogaMums was birthed in 2013 to help other women also work optimally with their bodies and heal from trauma. Menopausal hormone changes from 2017 shifted her focus again to educating mid-life women about optimising pelvic floor function and how to move well without pain as we age.

Contact Details

Instagram: @lindastephens.yogamums

4pm to 4.45pm – Spirit & Soul

Our spiritual tipping point: Power WITH versus power OVER

with Lisa Turner, Specialist in Human Transformation and Evolution

Lisa believes that midlife women can play an essential role in the coming force for good. She sees the cause of most of the problems of the world, from overconsumption, to bullying at work, to bad leadership are the result of people trying to hide from, or stem from their pain from the past and the shame they feel about it, which is why she knows personal empowerment and raising consciousness helps everyone

Our Spiritual Tipping Point explains why the chaos we see is actually our collective spiritual awakening. Her model, Project THEOSS, (the evolution of society & species) describes our species’ evolution and reliably predicts what’s to come. During this session you will discover how to identify masculine and feminine power imbalances, in relationships, how to restore power balance to enable power WITH rather than power OVER and how to balance discipline and self-care, will power, magnetic attraction, push vs pull, good vs bad hierarchies and egalitarian groups.

About Lisa

Lisa is the Founder of Psycademy, a Spiritual and Consciousness Awakening organisation, specialising in training professional coaches and practitioners. Graduate Psycademists are respected, rewarded and renowned for making huge transformations with their clients. Lisa developed Conscious Emotional Transformation, (CET), a psycho-spiritual methodology for releasing painful emotions after being kept as a house prisoner for 5 years in her teens by a paedophile. This and other transformational tools that Lisa developed have been used in the military for PTSD and to coach MPs and previous shadow cabinet members.

With a PhD in Mathematical Modelling and Aero-acoustics, she made the extraordinary transition from scientist to leadership coaching through her search to become free from her past. Her experiences fuel her dedication to freeing the minds of others who are enslaved by the illusion of their inner limitations. Lisa is the author of five books, a respected speaker, and the creator of proven, deep transformational technologies that explain our past, predict our future and increase success.

Contact Details


Free access to Lisa’s emotional release process Conscious Emotional Transformation (CET)

Day Two: Thursday 29th October

9.00am to 9.45am – Business Leadership & Work Flow

Ebb & Flow: How to get out of your head and stop the burn out

with Karen Skidmore, Business Mentor

More women than ever are starting up and growing their own businesses in their midlife than ever before. But as many struggle with stress, often sandwiched between caring for their families and juggling business and professional careers, it’s become common to experience adrenal fatigue and burnout during their 40’s and 50’s. 

As we understand more about how the menopausal journey affects women in leadership, it’s time for women to stop trying to work to our modern, fast-paced schedules and work productivity expectations (often designed by and for how men work), and start to embrace our cyclical powers and work rhythms. In this session, you will learn how to get out of your head and slow down your race to success to help discover your natural work flow and leadership style. 

About Karen

A business mentor and coach with 25+ years experience, Business Books Awards finalist 2020 & podcaster, Karen helps business owners and leaders design, create and grow purposeful and profitable businesses, without burning out. She knows that most business owners are burning out trying to drive their business forward. They may look successful on the outside, but inside the founder is exhausted and frustrated that they can’t get their business to the next level. Karen’s work is incredibly practical, down-to-earth and insightful, uniquely working with your cycles, inner wisdom as well as the right infrastructure, systems and team to have in place, which means you can step up and grow your business, without burning out. 

Contact Details

Instagram: @karenskidmore

10.00am to 10.45am – Body & Movement

Why women need to embrace movement now more than ever (and why cold water swimming could be your new hobby!)

with Kathryn Meadows, Pilates Teacher and Movement Rehab Specialist

In this session, Kathryn will discuss why movement is a form of self love and why women coming towards or through menopause need to keep moving consciously not only for their physical health but for so many other reasons too. She will also talk about the increasing interest in cold water swimming amongst older women and how you can get moving when you think you can’t. This will be a light hearted, fun chat about all things movement with someone who by her own admission is a “perfectly imperfect mover learning to love her body again in this new phase of life”.

About Kathryn

Kathryn is a Pilates teacher and Movement Rehab Specialist with a mission to help women get back to moving the way they want to, happily and with full body confidence, after having kids and beyond. She has a studio in West Sussex in which she helps women move on from those achy days when life and movement is restricted because of pain or dysfunction and helps them get back to loving moving again, having the choice to do anything and most importantly getting back to themselves. Kathryn also works online and has a number of short courses and programmes for women rebuilding strength at any time in the postnatal years. Kathryn also hosts a podcast called “The Mother of All Movement” in which she chats to women who are either experts in an area related to movement or are inspiring women who happen to be mothers or both!

Contact Details

Instagram: @motherofallmovement

A 1 hour free CONNECT session in which we will find out where you are now, what is holding you back from moving the way you want to and to find out what steps you can take to move freely and happily from now on:

11.15am to 12noon – Business Leadership & Work Flow

Stop giving back #JustGiveNow

with Alisoun Mackenzie, Your Meaningful Life Guide

Alisoun doesn’t believe in ‘giving back’. Giving back hinders charitable giving, causes personal overwhelm and is accelerating the destruction of the planet, plus if you are waiting to ‘give back’ could also lose you business. Discover how, as a business owner or leader, you can have more impact in the world by striking a healthy balance between giving to yourself and putting compassionate giving strategies at the heart of your business. You are going to hear about the benefits of turning our business into a force for good, an example of how fundraising through your business helped Alisoun grew her own consulting business and how you can strike the right balance between giving to ourselves and others.

About Alisoun

Often described as one of the most authentic, inspiring and heart-centered souls you can meet, Alisoun is on a mission to improve the lives of 100,000+ people–by making it easy for women over forty to thrive, enjoy a meaningful life, and have more impact in the world. Alisoun runs a community called Women Over 40 Rocking the World. Her support, events, courses, keynote presentations, mentoring, and best-selling books, Heartatude: The 9 Principles of Heart-Centered Success and Give-to-Profit: How to Grow Your Business by Supporting Charities and Social Causes have favourably changed the good fortune and impact of thousands of people worldwide. She loves travelling, fundraising, being out in nature, and enjoying life by the beach in Scotland.

Contact Details

Instagram: @alisounmac

12.30pm to 2pm – Menopowerful Women’s Circle

Our virtual camp fire gathering

This session is for everyone to be seen and be heard and join our breakout room discussions.

We highly recommend that you attend this lunchtime session.

You will be joining through Zoom meeting (rather than our Zoom Webinar room and Facebook Live Stream) and everyone will have the option to switch on their videos and audio links.

We will be having three break room discussions to enable you to co-create, connect and share resources on how we can as a collective power, educate and inspire more women to embrace midlife and menopause.

Although menopause affects individual women, the ripples are felt by everyone; our children, partners, friends, colleagues, clients and anyone we come into contact with. The more everyone knows about the effects of menopause has on women, the more support we can create for ourselves and the women around us, and thus enable us to secure our place in business, leadership and politics into our 50’s, 60’s and beyond.

Please check your delegate pack for the specific Zoom meeting link for this session. And please note that this session won’t be recorded or broadcasted to our Facebook Group to enable us to give you a safe space to share.

2.15pm to 3pm – Business Leadership & Work Flow

The Hunger Project & Unleashed Women

with Manda Lakhani, Trustee of The Hunger Project

Top-down, aid-driven charity models fail to create lasting change in the lives of those in need. To achieve a sustainable solution to hunger, we need to flip that model on its head, and afford those living in hunger access to the education and tools needed to end hunger for good. One of the most effective ways to achieve this and to end hunger for everyone is to empower women.

The menopause is an important life transition and it’s so important to accept it fully and embrace it as a positive change. Your midlife can be a period of replenishment and reflection and as you grow through it, you can become aware of the opportunity to become a powerful women with leadership possibilities and being change in the world.

This is why we’ve partnered with The Hunger Project and their powerful Unleashed Women movement. Join us for a spotlight session with Manda Lakhani, Board Trustee, to learn more how you can use your creativity, leadership and ideas to raise funds that will empower women, and end hunger once and for all.

About Manda

With a MBA in Finance, a professional marketing qualification and a background in financial services, Manda is passionate about connecting and advising senior leaders and organisations to help them utilise their resources (time, energy and wealth) to improve the spiritual, emotional and physical wellbeing of people and the planet. The activities of organisations and charities that she advises range from ending world hunger to mental health awareness, environmental issues and women’s empowerment. As a leader and mentor, she supports organisations to design and implement humanitarian strategies which contribute to socio-economic wellbeing and world stewardship.

Contact Details


3.15pm to 4pm – Menopause Support & Wellbeing

The truth about HRT

with Dr Wendy Denning, Director of the Health Doctors

Women should be able to make an informed choice as to whether they wish to take HRT after the menopause and for how long, rather than being told what they are allowed to do. In this incredibly insightful session, Dr Denning will outline what health challenges a woman faces at the menopause and how to manage them. You will hear about bioidentical hormone therapy; what it is, who is it for, how long you can take it for and why it is not for everyone.

She is going to answer the questions that every women needs to know about HRT: whether all women should take HRT, is HRT safe and are there ways of making HRT more safe?

About Wendy

Dr Wendy Denning, who has been named 3 years in a row, in Tatler’s top 150 private doctors and who co-presented the very successful, TV series – ‘The Diet Doctors, Inside and Out ‘- is a GP with over 25 years’ experience. She has worked in the NHS and in the Canadian Health Service but is now only private. She has always been a strong advocate for Integrated and Functional Medicine and as such has taken extensive training in Nutrition, Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, Functional Medicine as well as Hormonal therapy. Dr Denning has featured regularly in the media over many years and frequently lectures to doctors and complementary practitioners about the menopause.

Contact Details


Quote THD10 to get a 10% discount on the first consultation.

4.15pm to 5pm – Business Leadership & Work Flow

Personal brand for midlife success: How you don’t need to lose your style during menopause

with Yvonne Phillip, Success and Style Coach

For many women, midlife gives us changes to our bodies that we don’t like. From thickening of our waists to hair colour changes, clothes that made us feel good in our 20’s and 30’s either don’t fit or just look awful. As we age and menopause affects our confidence, it’s easy for us to lose our identity and even become invisible, trying to wear baggy clothes or subdued colours to fade away.

This is why assessing our personal brand and style and identifying what outfits can make us stand out (in a good way!) and feel amazing, is important in our business leadership. Yvonne is going to share how you can work smart, not hard, and have a balance of strategy, style and self-care to elevate your personal brand.

About Yvonne

Yvonne (Yves) Phillip is a Holistic Success and Style Coach that can help you discover your wow factor. She supports entrepreneurs and executives to elevate their personal brand through strategy, style and self-care. A qualified career coach with over 25 years experience of developing people through her corporate and charity work and partnerships. In 2000 she founded her own award-winning social enterprise which she directed for 11 years. During all this time fashion had always been a passion of hers and she pivoted and retrained as a personal stylist in 2017.

Specialising in Sustainable Style. Setbacks and challenges have been a part of her journey, but she embraces these in her commitment to personal growth. Raising her child as a single mother while at time performing in a 9-5 job and running a social venture was not easy. She found ways to build the mindset and the self-care routines that averted crisis in these tough moments. Yves uses her personal transformation from broke, busted and burnout to successful, stylish and sustainable to inspire others on their personal journeys.

Contact Details

Instagram: @YvonnePhillipSuccessStylist
Download her free 10 part ebook ‘Develop a profitable and stylish brand that sells to your soul client’ for information, assessments and checklists for you to really take your brand to the next level during midlife

Day Three: Friday 30th October

9.00am to 9.45am – Menopause Support & Wellbeing

Menopause isn’t just about Oestrogen: Meet your Feisty 4 hormones

with Nicki Williams, Happy Hormones For Life

When we hear about menopause, we often hear about symptoms and issues associated with declining levels of oestrogen, and the pros and cons of HRT. The thing is, the symptoms of menopause can be impacted by many other hormones, and if you don’t address these imbalances, you’re not going to feel 100% even if you’re on HRT.

In this session, Nicki would like to introduce you to your Feisty Four hormones! These four hormones can be the difference between sailing through menopause with no symptoms or having a really tough time. Once you know what they are and how to control them, you can get them all working for you, not against you so that you sail through perimenopause and beyond.

About Nicki

After failing to find any medical help for her health issues herself in her early 40’s, Nicki discovered that she could turn things around using diet, lifestyle and natural supplements. She is now an award winning nutritionist, author, speaker and a leading expert in women’s health and hormones. She is the founder of Happy Hormones for Life, helping women of all ages to rebalance their hormones, reclaim their health and feel better than ever.

At Happy Hormones, they use state of the art hormone and other health testing to identify the root cause of symptoms so that they can resolve imbalances for good.

Contact Details

Instagram: @happyhormonesforlife

Book; ‘It’s not you, it’s your hormones; The essential guide for women over 40 to fight fat, fatigue and hormone havoc.’
Take the quiz:

10.00am to 10.45am – Business Leadership & Work Flow

Discover your creative flow in harmony with the natural cycles of menstruation and moon.

with Samjhana Moon, Modern Wise Woman

Learning to work with the energetics of our menstrual cycle and/or the moon phases has the power to transform all aspects of our lives. Because when you harmonise your lifestyle and workflow with these natural cycles, you‘re connecting with forces way bigger than yourself. Join us for this special session to discover a simple map of these 2 natural cycles that applies whether your menstruating or menopausal. Applying this wisdom will help you feel more energised, creative, visionary and sexy, so you can live and work in your feminine flow.

About Samjhana

Samjhana is a modern wise woman and sacred feminine photographer who inspires women to connect with their cyclical nature and discover their true radiant self. She guides you to live in harmony with the Inner Seasons of your menstrual cycle and the Moon phases to reach your full creative potential. Samjhana is passionate about offering an alternative lens for women that challenges the media’s ideals about beauty and dissolves the taboo around menstruation. She runs 2 successful businesses; She is co-creator of the World’s first menstruation and moon clock and Director of Inner Seasons, which provides a range of beautiful tools to support a cyclical lifestyle. Samjhana is founder of Sacred Feminine Photography and has guided hundreds of women to say yes to their true radiance on an insightful photographic journey in nature. She was voted People’s Choice Speaker for TEDx Totnes​ in 2015​. ​ Watch her talk here:

Contact Details

Instagram: @innerseasons

Essential Guide to knowing your flow:

11.15am to 12noon – Business Leadership & Work Flow

Discover how your home and workspace affects how you think, feel and behave

with Julie Stevens, Younique Designs Ltd

Our environments affect how we feel, think and behave, which is why Julie believes that we can help regain control of our feelings, thinking and our behaviour by changing the environments we live, work and play in.

In this session, we are discussing how menopause has affected her relationship with her home, what has changed for Julie now that she is embracing her wisdom year and how being a creative designer has helped her get through the last few years. She is also sharing where women can start if they want to ensure that they create the right environments that will allow them to flourish where they are now, because knowing what to do first can save you money, time and your own energy to give you the confidence to embark on change in this season.

About Julie

Julie designs home and work spaces that are a reflection of the uniqueness of you. She uses a bespoke method to discover your Younique design style and uses that to create environments that are motivating, energising, calming and supportive. Whatever it is that you need from the space that you live in and work in. With 27 years in the interior design industry Julie is now embracing her wisdom years and inspiring and empowering other women to curate beautiful lives so that they can live brilliantly.

Contact Details


12.30pm to 1.30pm – Panel Discussion

Menopause Support & Wellbeing

We are bringing together four menopause support professionals to discuss the importance of menopause education and how all women must know what options are available to them.

Suné Markowitz-Shulman

Qualified nutritional therapist (BCNH), chef and trained at the Oxford Mindfulness Centre in MBCTt, Sune has a deep understanding of all the factors that contribute to our wellbeing.

Le'Nise Brothers

Registered Nutritional Therapist and women’s hormone & menstrual health coach.

Nicki Wiliams

Qualified Nutritionist, Hormone Expert, founder of Happy Hormones For Life & author of ‘It’s Not You, It’s Your Hormones’

Louise Westra

Naturopathic health professional, with a Master’s degree in Science

1.45pm to 2.30pm – Closing Ceremony

Join Karen Skidmore & Nicki Williams for our final session of the week

The perfect way to close our festival; join our hosts, Karen & Nicki, for an open discussion on our biggest take-aways, what surprised us and what sessions are worth listening back to again.

We will be inviting you to share your best bits as well as what intentions you intend to make as a result from what you’ve learnt over the past three days. 

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