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Ebb & Flow: a new way of approaching time, energy and impact

Monday 16th November
8pm (UK Time)

Extra Date Added!
A special one hour Masterclass live with Karen Skidmore

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Here we go again!

There aren’t many of us now, across the globe, who aren’t affected by new lockdown restrictions this month. Some of you will ride it well … and yet there will be many of you who will feel like you’ve been kicked in the teeth (yet, again!).

Facing restrictions at some point this winter wasn’t a surprise, but we can’t keep pushing on through, especially as we move into the winter months of shorter days and colder, wet weather.

Isn’t it time that we find a new approach to how we spend our time, energy and impact?

If we are to survive this battering that is starting to feel endless, we need to find a new way of dealing with the ever changing rules and restrictions. We need to stop adding more things to our to-do lists, and discover a way of slowing down, without losing any of the impact you want to make.

I’ve been reflecting on what we discussed during the Embrace Festival. In case you don’t know, I put together a three day live festival for business leaders stepping into their wisdom years. Me and my team went from vision to reality in just 6 weeks, and attracted more than 600 women. I was blown away by the response. Embrace was the biggest and yet easiest projects I have ever worked on. Everything from confirming the speaker line-up and promoting the event, through to running the 16 live events over the three days flowed.

But this wasn’t a happy accident. Embrace was created from a place I call Ebb & Flow; a new way of approaching time, energy and impact.

And this is what I want to share with you on this special one hour Masterclass.

Stop trying to fix and fight your way through your day and discover a new rhythm and flow to your business, life and leadership.

Before you face the next few months, take this time to see how you can stop fire fighting and working from short-term coping strategies.

Discover the ways to access your inner wisdom to help you adjust and move with sudden change of plans; to move from fight-or-flight response to being able to make decisions and plans with an inner calm and inspired confidence.

By learning how to Ebb & Flow with your business and life, you can step into leadership roles you never thought possible.

Join me for this insightful one hour masterclass and discover how to do less, rest more and still be able to grow your business and impact in ways you never thought possible.


What’s on the agenda

  • Discover how to plan in a post-planning world
  • Become aware of how our modern, fast-paced schedules and work productivity expectations are not designed to work in flow with most entrepreneurs and creative business owners
  • Why slowing down is more powerful than many of you will give it credit 
  • How to break the productivity habits that you have been subconsciously using to drive yourself to burn out
  • Find out how to move from linear work days and embrace your cyclical powers and work rhythms
  • Learn how to get out of your head and slow down your race to success to help discover your natural work flow and leadership style
  • Plus I will be sharing some of the behind-the-scenes of how we used the Ebb & Flow process to create, promote and manage The Embrace Festival with very little hard work and absolutely no stress

Who is Karen Skidmore?

Growth catalyst, Business Books Awards finalist 2020 and business mentor with 25+ years experience. Karen helps entrepreneurs step into their CEO-ship, uniquely combining the being-ness and doing-ness of business to grow purpose-driven businesses.

‘Fantastic, this really resonated with me today – magic!’ Lucy H

‘Such a great programme for this time of year. Thanks for a fab webinar Karen. Awesome as always.’ Kate T

‘Sounds amazing. Love that you’re offering this for your community.’ Samjhana M

‘Thank you so much for this webinar and your generosity of spirit. Great information and strategies.’ Geraldine P

‘Thank you Karen for an awesome webinar!’ Rebecca S

FREE registration to this live Masterclass

If, for some reason, the registration form here is not visible to you, click here to open up the form in a new tab.

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