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Copyrighting articles is bad for your business!


I was out walking the other morning in the bitter cold but beautiful sunshine and I read the notice that The National Trust have at the Devil’s Punchbowl.

“The National Trust welcomes responsible dog owners”

Isn’t this better than a typical local council “Dogs Must Be Kept on the Lead AT ALL TIMES”?

Something that I learnt very early on was to make sure I always put out the welcome mats as opposed to the “You are NOT allowed” signs.  And a great example of this is the good, old copyright statement that you often see on articles and newsletters.

“Nothing is to be copied, reproduced or photocopied without the author’s express permission”.

Mmmm – well I don’t know about you but I would love it if more people copied, reproduced and photocopied my information.  The more people who could read my articles and have access to the information that I share with my newsletter subscribers and blog readers the better.

My attitude is “Please feel free to reproduce anything that you find on this blog – all I ask is that you credit the article to my name and list my website address.”

So check your copyright statement at the bottom of your articles– do you have a welcome mat or a “Keep Out” notice?

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