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Completion not perfection


It can be expected that everything you do in your business, you want done right.  To have the correct grammar and spelling.  To have the right message and images in your marketing material.  To hav your logo in the right corner of your invoice.

After all, you have standards and the right business image to create.

But to strive for perfection is business suicide.

Perfection means that everything has to be just right.

And to be just right it can take weeks, if not months, of checking and checking again.

Running your own business means that you can’t afford weeks of indecision and making the smallest of corrections before launching a new product or service.

Actions need to be taken for you to move forward.  Projects need completing for results to be seen.  And you can’t find out what is and what isn’t going to work until the results come in.

So if you are a perfectionist and are waiting for a final check before you launch that website, send out that email, speak to that client – just remember the completion, not perfection rule.

Take action and do!

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