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As we approach the last few working days of 2018, I am reminded to share with you my thoughts about claiming back any power you may have lost in your business.

The Winter days here in the UK are an ideal time to give us the gift of reflection and review our past 12 months before we embark on the next year. Short days, long nights. It’s easy to hunker down and work harder to get things done before the turkey has to be carved or your mince pies get baked (sorry, scrap that – your mince pies get warmed up … no time for baking LOL)

But today, I’d like to ask you to find 20 minutes or so to cosy up under a blanket, move away from the big screen of your desktop and grab yourself a notebook to write down your thoughts about where your power maybe right now.

The power I’m referring to here is the ability to feel your worth; to be able to show up and work in partnership with prospects rather than just take whatever work comes your way.

When you think of selling, what shows up for you?

I’ve been told by many of my clients over the years that selling can feel icky. It’s can feel a forced energy, akin to a stereotypical cold caller or telesales rep.

If you are selling yourself – your skills, expertise or talents – it is much harder to detach yourself from rejection than if you were selling a “thing”. And so this icky feeling can often filter into your marketing messages and how you respond to enquiries or decide to reach out to potential prospects.

Who am I to _____ ?

Am I really worth ______ ?

Why would someone really ______ ?

I will let you fill in the blanks. I have my own versions and you will have your own because you are not alone to think like this when what you sell is you and usually from isolation; from your office at home without the bravery of others to cheer you on when you’re feeling lost or overwhelmed.

Sometimes you can have days or even weeks with these questions swirling around your head, clouding your ability to market and sell yourself.

More often than not, these questions hide away in the shadows of your subconscious so that even on days you are feeling courageous and fierce about who you are and why your clients think you are amazing, they never go away.

And that’s OK.

Because they are questions worth addressing.


Well, if you don’t know the answers to who you are, what you are really worth and why someone would really spend money with you, then your prospects certainly won’t have a clue.

Am I right?

And these questions are worth addressing every year because as you grow, your experience expands and your worth can go up.

So this is what I’d love to you to do, even if you feel pretty comfortable in your power right now.

Answer these questions before you retire for your Christmas break because you’ll need the answers when you start up again in the New Year.

Who am I to _____ ?

Am I really worth ______ ?

Why would someone really ______ ?

You’ll need to know and feel your worth as you take back the reins of your business in January.

Not necessarily in a 7-figure hustle or ROOOARR boss-lady kind of way. I’m not asking you over-power and get all pushy about your selling.

I’m asking you to step into your power so that selling and marketing becomes a partnership, rather than a push-pull experience. When you feel into your worth, marketing is simply the process of engagement and selling is simply the act of letting someone buy from you.

And from this place, it’s far easier to go about taking action on your 2019 business plans.

Let me know how you get on with this exercise. I’d love to know what shows up for you.

Thank you for reading. Until next time, do less, be more, play bigger.





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