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Who’s been chasing the Likes?

Come on … admit it.

It doesn’t matter how independent, feisty or successful you like to come across as a business owner, deep down it’s real easy to fall in to the trap of approval seeking.

You want your customers to like you.

Of course, I get that. Who wouldn’t want their customers to like them?

But what happens when you start to use Facebook in your marketing?

Facebook is just one big attention seeking child trying to get your approval. Like this. Like that. Which in turn makes you feel that this is all what using Facebook for business is all about … approval seeking liking.

But what do all those Likes really mean?

And do they really help you grow your business?

Facebook can and does work as a marketing tool for some businesses.

But too many business owners do nothing more that scroll down that darn newsfeed searching for the next thing to get themselves attention.

Who ever you become friends with – even when you try to be quite discerning – your newsfeed starts to fill up with inspirational quotes, photos of sunbathing feet, stories of how incredible little Johnny was at school today and videos of talking dogs.

That darn newsfeed sucks you in, getting you to think that all that matters is how many Likes each post gets.

So you too start to post stories of your own little Johnny and talking dog videos to get you some of those Likes.

Chasing the numbers – the Likes, the comments and the shares.

Quick, quick – got to get approval. Got to chase those numbers. Got to get them Likes.

BAM! You just got yourself sucked in to vanity marketing.

And vanity marketing gets you nowhere fast.

Likes just to get popular is best left for businesses with uber budgets whose brand image is more important than day-to-day sales.

Without a system and strategic approach to converting those Facebook friends of yours in to potential customers … those Likes get you nothing more than a pretty looking badge to stick on your website.

And its these system and strategies that I teach in my Web Marketing Masterplan.

You can check it all out right here

So be warned. Stop chasing the numbers and playing the vanity game and start thinking about how you can get Facebook working for you better.

I would love to have your thoughts on this Liking matter – drop me an email. Or even message me on Facebook.

I’ll be the one avoiding all the little Johnny posts 🙂

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