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It’s tough to get going some days, isn’t it?

Knowing what you should be doing … could be doing.

You feel fit to burst with your ideas and energies on other days. You get on a roll and everything you do seems to go your way.

But the longer you run your business and the more time that goes by, the easier it can be to fall into a rut and get stuck.

There is a cycle that too many business owners like you get into; good, well intentioned business owners who really, really believe you are on the right path and are determined to create a living out of whatever it is you love to do … but it feels that you are going round and around in circles.

I call it The P Cycle.

It’s hard to know exactly where you started in the cycle, however the most common place is with the problem of Perpetual Learning.

It’s real easy to keep learning about the latest strategies and fancy smancy tools because you want to make sure you end up doing the best marketing possible. There are endless free webinars and PDFs to download so it makes you feel that you can get all the knowledge you need to be successful without spending any money.

But all this learning doesn’t actually help you. It’s far more comfortable to keep watching, reading and listening than it is to start doing any of the advice that you signed up for, isn’t it?

This then starts sending you down the path of seeking Perfection.

You begin to believe you shouldn’t be making any newbie errors that may get people thinking that you don’t really know what you are doing. Or even worse, complaining about you!

You know you are in this part of the cycle because you find yourself focusing on getting the colour of your logo just right and the dimensions of the image for your sales page just so. This is so much easier than putting yourself in front of potentially interested customers, isn’t it??

And then all this leads to is the third stage of The P Cycle – Procrastination.

You start to worry more and more about “making a mistake” and start to question your ability to be making the “right” decision.

So instead of making any decisions, you decide to head off to Google again and find another webinar to watch and a report to read … good old Perpetual Learner rises it’s ugly head again!

And so The P Cycle continues.

This can creep up on you really quietly. You have no idea you are in it until it’s too late and you feel as if you are stuck in a washing machine cycle on a fast spin.

You need someone to switch the spin cycle off and help you hang everything out to dry. Find out where you are at, put it in all order and get you taking action.

This is exactly what happens during my GID Programme – the Get-It-Done Marketing Programme where we focus on implementation, working with you’ve got right now and accountability.

Marketing is not always easy – in fact I more than happy to admit that it can be bloody hard work at times! – but it is simple.

And when you take away your focus on making your marketing as simple as possible, you get caught up in the P Cycle; perpetually learning, seeking perfection and procrastinating which means you don’t the results you deserve.

If you haven’t done so already, check out the programme right here:

And if it’s not right for you but you are stuck in that washing machine spin cycle, let me know if I can help.

Take a minute right now and leave a comment below and let me know what you are stuck with. I don’t believe in magic bullets but there is usually a simple solution to every complicated problem :O)


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