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Rosie Letts, BSc Hons in Health Science

GID School December 2015 to May 2016


Success Highlights During GID School:

  • Confidence skyrocketed because 95% of enquires are saying YES to her new programme and referrals are coming in with ease
  • Working with less clients but with increased profitability and more in control of her business
  • Clients are getting better results as they are showing up for a more engaged, structured programme
  • Marketing system set up so website visitors easily sign up for a free report and receive weekly recipes and emails, structured in a way that’s easy and simple to do consistently

Less clients, more time, better profits … what’s not to love?

“What’s really interesting is that I am now getting LESS enquires than I did before joining GID School but as almost 100% of people contacting me for a consultation are now saying YES to my newly priced programmes, my business is better than ever.”

What was business like before GID School?

“Last year I had a clear vision to what I wanted to create and understood the steps that I needed to take but they just weren’t happening. I felt I was stuck in the small time, chasing and reacting to everything and never feeling supported enough to get my business moving in the direction I knew was possible.

“I knew I needed help but was very nervous by everything on offer on the internet. I wanted to work with someone who had credibility and when you’re not sure who to trust, it was tough making a decision to reach out to Karen. Plus I had to be careful about what I was investing in because business cashflow meant that I didn’t have spare cash to join just any programme.”

What were the key things you worked with Karen on during your time at GID School?

“Pricing and packaging were two key areas we worked on together and I was amazed by how quickly results started to happen. Initially I had joined GID School to get help with a new detox course I was promoting. I needed to seriously make some money and setting up a new 6 week course was what I thought would make this happen. But boy, did I learn some lessons quickly.

“Karen helped me realise my expertise wasn’t with marketing “just-another-course” that anyone could deliver. I was a qualified nutritional therapist who was specialising with pre and post natal clients and fertility and I realised I was never going to make my riches in the saturated detox market.

“I went from offering £55 ad hoc client sessions to creating a 3 month programme for £1,995. Over the next 2 days I had 3 prospective clients booked in for consultations and all 3 said yes to me! Karen gave me the structure and process to putting this new offer together and when I followed her instructions, the selling was made easy.

“Clients are now getting better results with me too as they are following through on a programme and committing to their “homework” and actions between our sessions. And I’m working more effectively because I’m no longer working reactively, juggling my week from one ad hoc session to another.”

What work did you do together to get your website working better for you?

“The other key area we worked on together was setting up the sign up process on my website so interested people could easily get a copy of my PDF report offers and then receive my weekly email newsletters. Before a weekly email was just “another thing to do” and I couldn’t see a way of getting it done consistently.

“I now have a slick system setup and structured in a way that it’s easy to do and creates amazing content. In fact, I met someone at a networking event the other day who was getting my emails and told me she “loved my emails … I look forward to getting them every Tuesday morning.

“As people are joining my email list, they are building up a certain expectation of what I have to offer and it’s almost as if they are working up the courage to book a space with me without me having to do any hard selling. This system is going to reap massive rewards for me in the coming months and years.”

What words of wisdom can you offer others who are thinking about joining GID School?

“I see being successful in business as very simple: work hard, be consistent and believe in yourself. It’s not rocket science to work out what steps other successful people do and follow them. But always have a coach.

“How do you expect to get somewhere without someone guiding you and supporting you? If you were an athlete, you would be getting yourself a sports coach to train you so why should it be any different in business.”


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