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Caroline Walker, Founder of Confident Teens

Momentum 2017 to date


Success Highlights:

  • Recognise her expert status and be much firmer on pricing
  • Gone from business owner to leader of her business
  • Understanding to be more compassionate with herself and be pleased with the progress being made
  • From zig-zag to forward flow

“Momentum has made me more ambitious for my business, to set bigger goals and have bigger plans.”

What was business and life like before you started Momentum?

Before I joined Momentum I was working hard but not in a consistent direction. I had lots of ideas but felt confused in terms of which direction should I set myself in and I wasn’t making consistent progress in a particular direction. I operate in a tough schools market and I was struggling to hold that belief about my business that it was actually a strong idea.

I was getting ad hoc results but where I was struggling was in finding the right strategy and direction to the business. I now feel I’m bringing so much more in terms of the mindset to the business and Momentum has made me more ambitious for my business, to set bigger goals and have bigger plans.

Why did you decide Momentum was the right programme for you to join?

The accountability aspect was really important to me, and I had worked with Karen before with Clicks to Clients and then GID School, so I knew I liked her approach. I now feel I am part of a gang with Momentum; that we are a community sharing our difficulties, giving support and challenging one other from different perspectives.

What have you worked on during your time in Momentum that has made a significant difference to you and your business?

One key thing has been the mindset of partnership power which has allowed me to recognise my expert status and be much firmer on pricing. I’m not chasing work and doing it at whatever price but instead staying true to my value. This has also got me seeing myself as a leader in my business. I know now that I have a leadership role in my business to take it forward, and I’m asking myself what team I need around me to make it happen.

Hearing Karen and the Momentum team’s positivity helps my belief in myself, when they say “that is amazing, keep going”. I experiment with some things, some will work and others won’t but just keeping going. As with any business, there are so many things you ‘could’ do to develop your business, but it’s having Momentum’s 90 Day Planning framework that has enabled me to make consistent progress and move specific projects forward for business growth, rather than doing a little bit of this and a little bit of that, and not making any meaningful progress.

I’ve also learnt through Momentum and Karen’s teaching to be more compassionate with myself and be pleased with the progress I am making, rather than always focusing on what I haven’t done. I’m still ambitious and wanting the best for me and my business, but I’m now recognising what I have achieved.

What is like working with Karen?

Karen is very encouraging and insightful in terms of her ability to cut to the crux of the issue on a call. She’s got this unusual combination of working on an inner and outer game; she’s really good at spotting when it’s actually ourselves that are holding us back. She can see if it’s obstacles we are putting in our own way or there really are obstacles there.

What words of wisdom would you offer others who were thinking of joining Momentum?

If you are uncertain of what direction to take your business Momentum gives you the opportunity to have a virtual team of your own, and benefit from Karen’s grounded business and marketing advice, and address issues around your own belief and mindset about your business.

Momentum does what it says on the tin. I feel I’ve gone from zig-zagging from one thing to another to now having a forward flow in my business. I now have consistent progress from implementing specific things that I know are moving me forward.


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