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Adele Stickland, CEO of Get Gorgeous

The Academy January 2016 – January 2017


Success Highlights During The Academy:

  • After initially being totally overwhelmed by the technology of webinars, Adele is now able to confidently present online thanks to the Tech Happy Environment that she has created with Karen
  • The numbers of people registering for her webinars has increased from 12 to 300-400 in just 6 months
  • Adele’s list size has grown from 500 to an incredible 4000
  • Webinars have given Adele’s clients a shop window into her business and enabled her to move her business forward from the “like don’t trust” to the “trust” arena

Become a confident & authentic marketer of your business

“Karen’s strategy and process has come from a holistic and universal view, which I love. Although I am obviously selling my courses, it doesn’t feel salesy and Karen’s teachings and support have helped me make webinars a critical part of my future business success.”

What were you doing with webinars before you started working with Karen?

Nothing, nothing at all!  I was used to doing up to four presentations a day to a live group of people but webinars were completely new to me before Karen explained the potential of them and what it could mean to my business.

How did you feel about webinars before you began the programme?

I was extremely intimidated by the technology to begin with but how wrong I was. Through Karen’s encouragement and clear instruction, it only took me 3 weeks to come to terms with using the webinar platform, gotowebinar, and it really wasn’t as difficult as I thought it was going to be. I don’t really know why I was completely overwhelmed but Karen showed me how to create a Tech Happy Environment and that really helped build my confidence.

What key things did you work on together with Karen that have made a difference to your webinar strategy?

Presenting online is whole new kettle of fish because you have an invisible audience so you have to pretend and act as though they are actually there. Karen really prepared me for this and helped me visualise what I would have to do. Karen gave me really good tactics to use in my presentations, such as how to frame my questions to encourage engagement with my audience and relax during my presentation so I could show up as “me”.  

Karen has this incredible webinar system to follow that gave me the strategy and step by step tactics. For example, the email sequences before, during and after the day of the webinar were fantastic and helped me understand how to build trust with people who registered.  When I first approached this process, I followed Karen’s advice verbatim because it was so new and difficult for me to see the direction I was going in.  However, once I’d followed it through the second and third times, it all became so clear why the steps Karen were teaching me were important.  

And that’s what Karen is really good at:  she gives you the depth without overwhelming you.  She says things once or twice and they resonate and she totally gave me the technical confidence and structure and process to follow that I really needed.

What specific results did you get from your webinar?

I started my new online business 6 months ago so it’s still very early stages. I’m still in the “like don’t trust” arena because I am new and have a brand that people don’t recognise, so I know how important it is to get out there in front of my ideal customers and show them what I can teach them.  From my first webinar where I just got a dozen or so people registered, I now typically get between 300 and 400 people registering. I’ve gone from a list size of about 500 people to almost 4,000 over the past 3 months so there is no doubt that webinars have been an amazing list building strategy as people are starting to realise who I am and what I can offer.

Karen, with her quiet assured confidence, let me know I could do this and she’s been able to steer me through the process.  Working with Karen has stopped me going down blind alleys and probably spending 6 months doing completely the wrong thing.

What words of wisdom would you offer others who were thinking of creating a webinar strategy in their business?

Webinars have given me an opportunity to educate my customers and offer depth to the topics I cover, so they understand how I work and the results I can deliver for them.  They are now a shop window into my online course and new membership offering so I’d say to anyone thinking of giving them a go that they are a fantastic opportunity to showcase how you work and how your customers would want to work with you.  

Karen’s strategy and process has come from a holistic and universal view, which I love. Although I am obviously selling my courses, it doesn’t feel salesy and Karen’s teachings and support have helped me make webinars a critical part of my future business success.


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