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Take a break from following the latest marketing trends, and discover how you can have a profitable business that is simple and easy to run

Free video training with Karen Skidmore

Here’s what you are getting in this free video series …

  • Why what you see and are taught about revenue streams isn’t always going to work for you and your business
  • Why following formulas and funnels are exhausting and burning you out
  • Exactly what is True Profit and why is it critical to understand yours
  • The pros and cons of running membership sites, selling digital products, high-end programmes and selling your time by the hour (the last one may surprise you!)

It’s time to stop making business hard work

Your Personal Compass

Your True Profit Compass is a simple yet powerful tool that gives you a set of rules to base business decisions on. So rather than chasing success, take the steps laid out in this video to recalibrate and define clearly what you need from your business to enable you to play bigger.

Growth Flows & Cycles

In video two you are going to see how business grow follows a four-stage growth flow and how knowing this can help you avoid getting stuck in the two black holes that hold your growth back. Once you see what needs to be ‘fixed, you will be able to scale up sustainably and profitably.

Profitable Business Models

In the third video, you will discover how to get the right business model, marketing systems & team in place that are profitable for you and the way that you want to work. You’ll find out why what you see and are taught about revenue streams isn’t always going to work for you and your business. And why following formulas and funnels can be exhausting.

Entrepreneurial burnout is rife. It’s time to stop chasing the 7-Figure dreams and following the ‘hustle’ rules. It’s not a sustainable way of working. If we are to fulfil our potential and make the impact we want to make, we need a new way of approaching business growth to allow us to play bigger and thrive in the process.

About Karen Skidmore

Karen Skidmore Author

Founder & Business Catalyst

Hi, my name is Karen Skidmore. Business Books Awards finalist 2020, podcaster, and business mentor with 25+ years experience, I am CEO of True Profit Business which uniquely combines the being-ness and doing-ness of business to help scale up purpose-driven businesses.

We know that most business owners are burning out, trying to drive their businesses forward. The problem is because they are time-poor and often misaligned with their current business, they are chasing the wrong goals and using overcomplicated marketing tactics. They may look successful on the outside but inside, they are exhausted and getting to the point that they want to give up.

And I know this from first-hand experience. I have run my own coaching and consulting company since 2004. After an 11-year career with Hays Plc, my children were approaching school age and I realised how much I wanted a more flexible and fulfilling professional career.

Within 6 months of starting up, I was awarded European Social Funds for my Women’s Enterprise Programme and Simply Marketing Workshops, which was instrumental in helping hundreds of women start up their own businesses across Surrey & Sussex. I founded a regional women’s networking group in 2005, created & ran a 100+ membership site for 3 years and launched dozens of online courses and group programmes over the past 13 years.

But in 2012, struggling with adrenal fatigue and hormonal imbalances, I was burnt out from constantly launching new programmes and marketing campaigns. I wanted to play bigger but to enable my business to grow and for me to serve more people, it was no longer a case of “work harder”. I had to change the way I and my business worked. And it soon became apparent that my clients wanted this same change.

Testimonials & Featured Clients

Given me the clarity to do the right stuff to make sales

“Before I was in a state of wishful thinking. Now having a Grow Strong™ Plan and the follow-through to help implement it, it’s given me the clarity to do the right stuff to make sales. I found that when you have cash in the bank, it’s easy to get complacent. But, in reality, you have to make sales, which means that I need to have a clear plan for each week on what I and my team can do to develop the business. Momentum has been a catalyst to help me understand where I have been going wrong, and the Grow Strong™ Planning Process and implementation have given me crystal clear focus on what is the best use of my time.”

Alex Palmer

Corporate Event Manager & Strategist

Momentum has given me a broader mindset and got under the skin of why I wasn’t doing some of the bigger things I knew I was professionally capable of.

“It’s been fantastic to have a Grow Strong™ Planning Process to work towards which keeps you more on track and makes you do those planning stages. It’s easy, when you work on your own, to roll from one week to the next without actually being disciplined or even looking back at what you have achieved and have done. So having the coaching team show us how to plan and then support us in the implementation of it has been brilliant. They give a good balance of feeling pushed, of feeling you have a plan but still having that supportive hand on your back.”

Charlotte Cox

Consumer brand marketer, SUN Brand Consultancy

Gave me focus on what matters

“As a creative person who is motivated by action rather than committing to a strategic vision, working with the coaching team and using this planning process was the most productive I’ve been in years. Their planning process helped me focus on what matters right now versus having a massive list of stuff that makes me feel so overwhelmed I get nothing done.”

Helen Evans

Business with Soul Mentor & Fingerprint Analyst

Joy Burnford, MD of My Confidence Matters

Success Highlights:

  • Increased authority as a Forbes contributor
  • A clear plan on how to have strategic high-level conversations
  • Moving from operating in a BCB space into a B2B space and being positioned as a leading edge researcher on gender equality
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