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"Informed, Engaging and Entertaining Speaker"

Karen Skidmore has been an inspiration to go-it-alone entrepreneurs and micro-business owners for more than 14 years. Her intuition and emotional understanding of what business owners are trying to achieve in their businesses allow her to pinpoint exactly what is going wrong in their business and marketing.

She is a marketing consultant and business growth advisor, who combines 25+ years of business experience to work with small business owners, professionals and experts who sell services, group programmes, events and online products. She specialises in teaching how to scale business, without burning out and her humour and natural storytelling has audiences captured with what she has to share.

Her new book, ‘True Profit Business: How To Play Your Bigger Game Without Burning Out’, is published this September and is promising to help change the way that we do business.

“The pace of life and our benchmarks for success are becoming unattainable and, for most people who decide to go-it-alone and to start and grow their own business, they are finding it harder than ever to make things work.

“Technology should be improving our ability to thrive, but it seems to be that it’s just helping more of us to strive. Even those who seem to have it all sorted, are covering up their stress and exhaustion with happy smiles and hashtagged filtered images.

“There’s no doubt deciding to go-it-alone is mentally challenging. We strip ourselves bare and face our innermost fears and doubts when we decide to turn our passion, ideas and talent into a business. And yet, we aren’t allowed to express them because we have to appear successful for us to be successful.

“It’s not just marketing problems that need fixing. Our mental well-being and health at stake here now.”

She’s also the author of “Shiny Shiny: How To Stop Being A Social Media magpie”, published in 2012, regularly writes here on her blog and broadcasts Live regularly in her Facebook Group, True Profit Business.

Topics available for 2019 and 2020

  • Marketing around your menstrual cycle

  • Purposeful Profit: How the 3 energies of Money, Creativity and Impact work within your business

  • True Profit Growth Flow: Why it’s feast and fallow, rather than feast and famine

  • Profitable business models for coaches, consultants and experts

To find out more about speaking rates and availability, please contact Karen’s assistant, Alexia Padgham, at [email protected] or call our office number on 01428 607745

Karen joined us at the International Foundation for Action Learning (IFAL) and delivered an excellent workshop on digital marketing, blogging, and generally getting your message out there. I’d always thought of marketing as a bit pushy, something not really for me. But Karen changed my thinking. Her clear, straightforward explanations and positive energy have really encouraged me to think of digital marketing as something creative, collaborative and as a way of sharing stories, expertise, and knowledge.
John Heywood

Senior Associate at Action Learning Assocates

Karen never fails to deliver. When she spoke at the recent Woking Means Business, her presentation was full of practical advice - tips that the listeners could take back to their offices and put into practice right away. Added to that, her delivery is clear, confident and friendly so I have no hesitation in recommending Karen. She is an excellent speaker.

Paul Webster

Organiser at Woking Means Business

Speaking Schedule

Signed copies of Karen's new book will be available to buy at each event.

Friday 4th October - The True Profit Compass workshop with The Inspiration Space

If you’ve ever found yourself pushing hard or struggled to sell a new programme or product, you will know how exhausting and stressful business can feel. What if you took a break from trying to follow the latest marketing formulas and digital trends and instead grew a business that was uniquely designed to suit you?

Your True Profit Compass is a simple yet powerful tool that gives you a set of rules to base business decisions on. So rather than chasing success, take this time to recalibrate and define clearly what you need from your business to enable you to play your bigger game.

Non-members welcome - click here for more info

Friday 1st November - Hormones, The Moon and Mother Nature: Why we can't let our business growth plans be driven solely by metrics and digital dashboards at Athena Network in Farnham, Surrey

click here for more info

Playing Your Bigger Game - Hartley Witney, Hampshire
Thursday 14th November

Click here for more info

Friday 6th December - Profitable Pricing (and how it doesn’t need to be scary to charge what you are worth) at Guildford Coaches Network

Click here for more info



Listen to Karen's recent podcast interviews


The Extraordinary Business Book Club with Alison Jones

Sometimes, writing a business book can be a profound experience of self-discovery. Karen Skidmore describes True Profit Business: How to play your bigger game without burning out, as her ‘becoming’ book, and what she discovered along the way has transformed her own business. 

The SORTED Podcast with Alice Jennings

We talk about how processes are key in her business, her favourite tools and more!  You can find all the details here: https://alicejennings.co.uk/sorted-with-karen-skidmore/

Entrepreneur’s Inner Game Podcast with Nina Cooke

Episode 30: Karen Skidmore Explains How To Use Your Fear To Build A Profitable Business. To find out more https://www.ninacooke.co.uk/karen-skidmore-explains-how-to-use-your-fear-to-build-a-profitable-business/

Karen Skidmore is a very informed, engaging and entertaining speaker. With overviews of LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook, followed by specifics of why and how they should be utilised, Karen ably meets the needs of her target groups. She empowers businesses to move forward to the next level, warmly embracing social media and all its benefits!

Katie Mayne

MD of TinyTalk & TinySign

Sometimes you go through life not quite achieving what you are capable of. Then you bump into someone like Karen and she just inspires you to get off your derrière and do something you should have done yonks ago. If you get a chance to see Karen speaking do so.

Tom Evans

The Book Wright

I had the pleasure of seeing Karen present at the recent VA conference in Milton Keynes and I can truly say that she was excellent as an opening speaker. She has a wealth of knowledge and puts her messages across in a very understandable way that you can relate to immediately.

Alison Murray

VA Today

Karen has spoken at a number of business mums events for me and I’m always delighted with her motivating approach and excellent grasp of technical details which she can explain in a way that everyone can understand.

Antonia Chitty

Organiser of Business Mums Conference

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