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Ready for your next growth phase and want someone to be your guide …

Does any of this ring true to you?

  • You’ve been in business for 2+ years and you’re ready for the next stage of growth
  • You have big ambitions and are determined to build your business even though you may be navigating parenting or eldercare; you want to know how to ‘do it all’ without sacrificing your health and your sanity!
  • You’ve realised being a ‘lone wolf’ is hard work, and you want to know how to find and hire the right people to build a small team
  • You are ready to win bigger deals and re-position your business to open yourself up for more profitable clients
  • Your business needs simplifying, and you know you can work smarter if shown how to get better processes and systems in place

What got you here, is not going to get you there

Whatever path you’ve taken already, it’ won’t be the path you need to take for the next stage in your business growth.

At every stage of your business, you need to adjust, refresh and sometimes knock a few things down in order to rebuild a bigger, better and more fun version of what you want.

If you’ve reached a ceiling in your business and you’re ready to move forward with something bigger, different or more fun and rewarding, then this is where I can help.

Time with me and we’ll discover exactly where your leverage points and bottlenecks are, diagnose the right problems that need solving to allow your business vision to happen and devise the right strategy for you move forward.

Your options to work with me

A one-off two hour session with me over Zoom to deep dive into any part of your business strategy and growth plans.

Ideal for sanity-checking a new product idea, working through a hiring strategy for your team or reviewing the next growth phase of your business.

Limited availability for £495 +VAT a session.

Monthly mentoring packages starting from three, speaking with me over Zoom twice a month.

Clarity, stretch and support; spend time with me to evaluate your business model, get clarity on your business strategy and design the way you work to fit your rhythm and flow. 

Limited availability with prices starting from £2,000 +VAT

Take the first step and register your interest today

What kind of coach and mentor am I?

I don’t prescribe to the 6figure to 7figure success formulas, nor do I believe you must be pushed to ‘add another zero to those dreams’. Go work with another business coach if you want that kind of approach 😉

My clients come to work with me because I’ve had more than 35 years commercial experience, including 20+ years of experience of running my own consulting, coaching, and training businesses. I have worked through raising my family, juggling eldercare and a pretty horrendous peri-menopause and burnout in my early 40’s so I know what works (and what doesn’t!).

I’m also deeply connected to my inner wisdom, especially now that I am post-menopausal and in my mid-50’s, so you’ll get good dollop of spirituality alongside the commercial and down-to-earth business advice.

Not only is Karen highly experienced, she also has an incredibly intuitive way of just knowing what you need to do to take your business to the next level. Karen is very approachable – her style is soft yet strong, insightful, knowledgeable – she gets what you need and helps you get it done too. She is willing to challenge you and call out what you are not doing when you should be! I would not hesitate to recommend Karen to anyone looking to take their business to the next level.

Julia Carter

Virtual Team Training Specialist

Working with Karen as a small business owner was fundamental to both my personal and business growth. One to one sessions with her felt like someone reached into my brain, tidied up the shelves and left a nice neat post it note on the side with the things I need to do!

She’s a breath of fresh air – both encouraging and inspiring and with an intuitive sense of what you need to hear to get results without burning out.

Laura Coleman

Founder of Be. Modern Meditation

I was drawn to the idea that I could run a business that was both profitable and fitted with my need for a better work life balance. Karen’s ability to cut through the ‘noise’ to the heart of an issue has been invaluable for my business, somehow she manages to be both approachable and challenging at the same time. If you are considering taking on a coach to help you elevate your business I thoroughly recommend Karen.

Sam Palmer

Founder of Midlife Makeover

Karen is a highly engaging, energetic professional who I have had the pleasure of working with over the last three months. Karen has a real passion and expertise in supporting you align your core values around all aspects of your life including your business, allowing you to remain focused on the right results. She creates the spark that we all need in life and I have no doubt we will continue to work together for many years to come.

Carolyn Moir Grant

Managing Director at Allstaff

I have been working with Karen for a few months now and, at every meeting, I am impressed with how well she is able to get inside the skin of my business. Not only does she offer her expertise generously and without ego, she does it in a way which both challenges and supports. Her ability to hone in on what is needed NOW in my business, and how she helps me find ways to prioritise that through all my busyness, is so helpful. For the first time in years I feel I am truly working on my business and not just in it. Working with Karen is like having a non-Exec Director in your business and for that I am truly grateful.

Kate Turner

Director, Motivational Leadership Ltd

Karen prepared a bespoke session for me covering preparation, production & post-delivery of online Masterclasses and Workshops. Her depth of experience delivering many levels of business strategy on this format really shone through. She covered everything from the technical side, format, tips and hints to ensure the event was both engaging and achieved my goals. The session was delivered online, was super fun and friendly, we had a good laugh, shared many stories. The value of working with someone so accomplished was worth it’s weight in gold. No bull-sh*t, straight to the point and jam-packed full of treasure!

Mel Archbould

Scale-up consultant

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