A Live One Day Training With Karen Skidmore
Friday 16th June 2017
9.30am until 5pm
Tylney Hall, Hampshire, UK

Tickets are £195 (+VAT) which includes coffee/tea & pastries on arrival, a delicious lunch whilst you network with the other guests and afternoon tea.

How to play a bigger game with the right tech, team & systems

Ready to take your business to the next level but wondering whether you’ve really got what it takes to do it all?

It’s time for you to find out how to stop playing small and create the success environment that will allow to you to be more without the stress, long hours and struggle to do it all on your own.

Last few days to book your ticket.

What got you here, won’t get you there

The success you’ve had in recent months is, of course, to be recognised and celebrated. But the actions you took and the person you decided to be to get you here, won’t necessarily be the same actions and choices to make in the future.

As each month goes by, your vision and goals may expand, new target markets appear to you, your business grows (both up and down), external factors change (seasons, interest rates, even EU memberships!) … it’s impossible to stay in the same place because if you try, you run the risk of stagnating and losing business.

Your business is an ever growing, organic entity constantly buffeted by change and evolution. And it’s easy to let external factors power up your fears and let your Inner Critic talk you out of playing a bigger game.

However, when you have the three pillars of technology, team and systems in place, you find yourself sitting on a rock solid platform to enable to you to step up and play bigger, without the fear of stress or burnout.

Your Tech

Learn how to choose & integrate the right digital marketing tools and technology to support your future business and ensure you don’t restrict your growth.

Your Team

Discover how to delegate and recruit the right people who will support and create your vision with you.

Your Systems

Be shown how to create simple processes and automate your lead generation, sales conversion and delivery of your products & programmes

Coaches, Consultants, Experts & Service Professionals

Why should you attend this event?

Have you created a Frankenstein Business? You’ve flip flopped from one project to another, got a dozen tech tools you’re paying for & you’ve followed all the guru advice but it feels like you’ve created a mess and you’re lost what to try next.

Perhaps you’ve simply run out steam (energy, motivation, money). You’ve gone hard at marketing your business, but you’re not getting the results you expected. You’ve lost your confidence and wonder why you can’t make it happen like everyone else that you see on your Facebook newsfeed.

Are you about to hit your ceiling? You’ve got an almost full diary, clients that love you but you’re about to reach your full capacity & you haven’t got the time (or energy!) to shift up any more gears to reach your full potential.

Fed up with feeling as if your only goal in life should be to create 6 or 7 figures? There’s nothing wrong with wanting to make money but you want to step up and create something bigger and being driven by money goals just doesn’t do it for you.

If you’ve resonated with one or more of these situations, you’re not alone.

Getting a business up and running can be tough so it’s easy to bootstrap and do as much as possible yourself. And you’re probably realising now that trying to be everything in your business – from accountant to secretary to web designer – as well as delivering what is you are selling, well it’s not surprising that you’re stressed, overworked and feel underpaid.

And this is why you should come to this event. What got you here, won’t get you there … you have to change the way you are working and prioritise creating the success environment that will enable you to grow and play your bigger game, without the stress.

Last few days to book your ticket.

Meet Your Host For The Day

If we’ve not met yet, my name is Karen Skidmore. I’ve been running my own coaching and consulting company since 2004. After an 11-year fast track career with Hays Plc, as Regional Director in the accountancy recruitment division and then Operations Director for Hays.com online recruitment, my children were approaching school age and I realised how much I wanted a more flexible career.

I had high hopes in my first year and my bright eyes and bushy tail meant that I threw myself into my new life of self-employment. After a rocky start, I created my European Social Funded Women’s Enterprise Programme which was instrumental in helping hundreds of women start up their own businesses. I founded a regional women’s networking group in 2005, created & ran a 100+ membership site for 3 years, wrote my first book in 2012 and launched dozens of online courses and group programmes over the past 13 years.

But four years ago, struggling with peri-menopausal systems and adrenal fatigue, I was knackered from constantly launching new programmes and marketing campaigns. The stop-start was exhausting and I knew I had to get off the roller coaster.

I wanted to play a bigger game but to enable my business to grow and for me to reach my full potential, it was no longer a case of “work harder”. I had to change the way my business worked.

I now work with clients to help simplify their businesses; to show them how to get profitable growth without it impacting their health, wellbeing, family commitments or core values. I firmly believe that with the right tech, team and systems in place, you too can create your own profit and growth on your terms, too.

What we’re covering during the day

1) Keeping Yourself Small

  • 5 danger signs that you’re keeping yourself small, no matter what infrastructure you’re putting in place to grow
  • Identify what’s important to you by the way that you work
  • How to avoid the P Cycle
  • Creating your own personal rules of engagement
  • How to clear on your financial goals and professional ambitions without having to set a single SMART goal

2) Playing the Money Game

  • The critical numbers to know in your business
  • The 5 profitable business models for coaches, consultants and professionals to leverage your expertise and avoid impacting your health, stress, freedom or fun factor

3) Elegant, Simple Systems

  • How your Capacity Heartbeat and Campaign Marketing work together and how long-term planning significantly makes a difference to your results
  • How to avoid digital overwhelm and simplify your business with the right technology in place
  • Discover how to automate your lead generation, sales conversion and delivery of your products & programmes without over-complicating the whole process

4) Small, Strategic Teams

  • How to ask for help (sounds easy and yet it’s rarely done!) and who to reach out to create strategic partnerships
  • Understand exactly who you need on your team
  • The difference between employing, contracting and outsourcing and which is best for you
  • How to go about finding the right people to support you and your business vision

5) Fuelling Your Vitality

  • Why it’s critical to look after your health and wellbeing whilst you step up to make these changes
  • How to slow down and yet speed up your progress


Last few days to book your ticket.

Meet Our Special Guests

All sharing their stories, advice and expertise on how they play their bigger games

After 10 years as the City Centre Manager of Salisbury, Lindsey leapt into the world of self-employment to set up her own business support consultancy in 2013.

Lindsey Brown

LLB Business Solutions

Certified in both the UK and US, Gail has 25 years experience in the image consultancy industry and runs one of the leading international training schools here in the UK.

Gail Morgan

Study in Style Training

From running a fully booked pilates business for the past 20 years, Adele decided she was ready to play a bigger game in 2016 when she launched her Get Gorgeous online community and fitness brand.

Adele Stickland

Get Gorgeous

After 20 years of working for top brands such as De Beers, Harvey Nichols and Marks & Spencer, Janet has decided to make the leap and play her bigger game with her own beauty product consultancy.

Janet Milner-Walker

Emerald 40

Last few days to book your ticket.

Rosie Letts Success Story

Rosie Letts, Nutritional Therapist

“What’s really interesting is that I am now getting LESS enquiries than I did before joining GID School but as almost 100% of people contacting me for a consultation are now saying YES to my newly priced programmes, my business is better than ever.”

Jen Nash Success Story

Dr Jen Nash, Sussex, UK

“I immediately had that gut feeling that it was the right thing for me to work with Karen.  She’s honest and pushes me out of my comfort zone to do the things that have made my business the success I only hoped it could me.”

Tone Tellesfen Hughes

Tone Tellesfen Hughes

“Karen has inspired me to be the leader that I am and it’s through her, that I’ve now got the confidence to help others achieve what I’ve created at Luck Yard’s Clinic.”

Adele Stickland

“Karen’s strategy and process has come from a holistic and universal view, which I love. Although I am obviously selling my courses, it doesn’t feel salesy and Karen’s teachings and support have helped me make webinars a critical part of my future business success.”

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your booking terms and conditions?

The full terms and conditions of your booking can be viewed over on this page here: https://karenskidmore.com/event-terms-conditions/

In a nutshell, all tickets are non-refundable two weeks before the event, although if you can’t attend at short notice, you’d be welcome to pass your ticket to friend or colleague (simply let us know their name before the event so we know to expect them). In an unlikely situation that we have to cancel, full refunds will be issued to everyone.

Where exactly is the venue?

Tylney Hall is a Grade II listed building and remains an outstanding example of a luxury country house hotel. Situated in the heart of the Hampshire countryside, it’s also incredibly easy to find and get to.

Just 5 minutes drive from Junction 5 of the M3 and Hook train station that is serviced by a fast service out of London Waterloo. The nearest airport is Southampton, 45 minutes taxi away.

What the logistics for the day?

Want to get there early and avoid the morning traffic?

Tylney Hall has a huge lounge area and outside terrace so if you wanted to avoid the Friday morning traffic, you’d be welcome to arrive early to hang out, enjoy the free wifi and soak up the atmosphere.


Food and Refreshments


Coffee, tea & morning goodies are being served from 9 am, ready for us to get going at 9.30am.


You are being fully catered for as we are giving you morning goodies, lunch (which we are hoping to use the terrace if the weather is kind – if not we have full run of the library) and afternoon tea. And yes, they can cater for all dietary requirements.


Although we plan to finish the day by 5 pm, if you did absolutely have to leave at the afternoon tea break because of a school pick-up, we can arrange for you to do your end-of-day session as homework.


Staying on after the event


If you are worried about getting caught in Friday night traffic, stay on and join me and my team in the bar. You could even book yourself a round of golf, have a Friday evening massage at their spa or swim in their indoor or outdoor pool, tucked away in their walled garden.


Here’s a link to their health facilities if you did want to book: http://www.tylneyhall.co.uk/wellness-facilities-health-club-0




What Clients Say About Karen

Joining The Academy has really made me up my game this year. I have been on a steep learning curve with my business marketing journey and having Karen and the rest of the group to help, support, challenge and motivate me has been invaluable in helping me make this year my best year yet. Since joining I have finally launched my signature programme “The Wardrobe That Works” (after 2 years in my head!); I have a realistic plan for my business growth as well as the support of a great team of colleagues who will give me honest and constructive feedback. This is a Mastermind Group that will really make you think differently about your business and it’s potential.

Gail Morgan

The Image Trainer

My work/life balance changed almost immediately. My goal was to work less hours so that I would have time to focus on my well being and just under a year later, I have achieved this.  I now rarely have to travel as I have two associates who were former colleagues during my time working for the NHS and they work closely with me and present on my behalf. This is something I would never have dreamed possible before meeting Karen.  I have now also been able to free up valuable time to work on my online courses and to develop and engage with my client list.

Jen Nash

The Eating Blueprint

Working in The Academy I am able to grow and expand my business awareness in a small setting with people I have got to know, and whom I trust. I feel we are pushing ourselves more in this environment, but it is also very supportive. It has also enabled me to make some big shifts in my mental attitude about things at work which I was avoiding, and finding uncomfortable to deal with, and this shift has and will make a big impact on my business function and profitability.

I love working with Karen as she is tough but with silk gloves, she never makes you feel small but she also knows that you can do more than you are so, it encourages you to raise your game.

Tone Tellesfen Hughes

MD of Luck Yard’s Clinic & Chiropractic Connections

Need to ask us a question first before booking?

If we didn’t answer all of your questions here on this page, feel free to email Alexia on alexia@karenskidmore.com or click the contact us button below.

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