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Bigger picture – drowning in detail


I put on my running shoes and got out for my run at 7.15am this morning.

It wasn’t easy for me. However, I’m at “certain age” that if I don’t exercise now, I know I’ll regret it in 10 years time.

But this morning didn’t end up being about exercise.

This was the view that I was granted this morning …

Getting a view of the bigger picture when you’ve been drowning in detail for days on end is critical.

When you’re head down, buried in emails or proposal writing or writing copy for your website or planning out your new programme … your view of your project becomes very insular.

Now, of course, you need this insular view to stay focused and ignore the temptation of your Facebook notifications.

But if you don’t come up for air and breathe in the bigger picture at least once every couple of days, it’s no wondered stress levels go up and self-motivation goes down.

I wanted to share this with you today because I know it’s easy to feel the world speeds up as we get onto countdown to Christmas. As you check off the weeks left this year; it’s easy to let a slight rumour of panic wash over you.

But don’t.

There’s no need.

You’ve got time. You’re doing great. It’s all going to work out, one way or another.

So, if an early morning run isn’t your thing (and I’m not sure it’s mine either LOL), how are you going to pick your head up, look towards the horizon and see the bigger picture?

It does wonders if you’ve been drowning in the detail and you feel you’re running out of time.


Look up.

And have a great day. x

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