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Before you plough into next thing on your to-do list, stop.

Take a breath.

If your weeks seem to be going crazy fast and your juggling your WhatsApp pings, emails and Facebook notifications, it’s easy to feel you can’t keep up.

But I’m here to tell you that you can. Just as long as you take time to stop and take a breath.

Stop to review your plans for the month and stop to look at your progress so far.

I’m sure you know the story of Hare and Tortoise.

I believe we need a bit of both Hare and Tortoise in us. Be too much of Hare, charging straight into the new week, wanting to keep up with your plans and you’ll burn out. Hare is a powerful energy, and we need to take on Hare’s energy from time to time. But Tortoise’s energy is just as powerful. Tortoise may plod along, stopping for an occasional rest and stretch but remember who won the race.

Taking things slowly can actually get us there quicker. And, more importantly, get us there with better health and alignment with our values. So if you’re in full Hare mood right now, stop and be more Tortoise.

Move away from your desk, go sit in another space or your local coffee shop, or even just stare out of the window for a while. Let your body rest and be quiet so you may hear what your inner-self has to say for a change. Tortoise may have some answers for you today.

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About the author

Karen Skidmore AuthorKaren Skidmore is a business mentor with 25+ years of experience, specialising in True Profit™; the design & growth of purposeful, profitable businesses. Business Books Awards finalist 2020 & podcaster, Karen uniquely combines the being-ness and doing-ness of business to help scale up, without burning out.

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