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Are you being ignored in the Twitter playground?

photodune-2992301-playground-xsLast week I got an email from someone who saw me speak on the subject of using Twitter for small businesses.  It was titled “Help Please – slightly ranty and desperate”.

Having been a Twitter for some months, this small business owner was feeling like a child coming home and saying “no-one wants to play with me”.  She was frustrated that she didn’t seem to be able to attract new followers, nor be able to get her own tweets retweeted.

This is what I emailed back:

Sounds like you need to stop focusing on the numbers and start focusing on the results that you are looking to achieve on Twitter.  Twitter is never going to be successful as a business tool if you are only trying to increase your follower numbers and increase the number of Retweets you get.

Step away and take time to sort out a strategy for Twitter.  What are you trying to achieve, who do you want to be connecting with and what impact is Twitter going to have on your business?

If it feels like no-one wants to play with you, it is probably because you are hiding in the corner. Most children ignore children who do that, don’t they?  Get out there, introduce yourself, have conversations – join in with the party and people will want to play with you.

The following day, I got tweet back from this small business owner.  It simply said:

“I was missing out the “social” bit of social networking. Thank you!”

That’s exactly right!  The all important word is social.

If you feel you are being ignored, then don’t wait to be asked to play.  Start your own games and join in with the party.

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