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Are you being honest enough about money?


When you started up your own business, you were probably full of enthusiasm.  You may have felt like you had the power to change the world; you wanted to make things better for your clients.

But have you fallen into the trap of discounting your services to clients you feel can’t afford you?

Have you found yourself doing that little bit more, for no extra charge because you didn’t want to bother them with an additional invoice?

Now I know money isn’t everything.  If you are just in it for the money, then, to be honest, you won’t really care about your clients; you just want to make the fastest buck as possible and get out of there.

But assuming that you do care about your clients, how much do you also care about your bank balance?   Are you running a charity or are you there to make a profit?

Motivation to make a profit can be tough to admit because, after all, if our clients think that we are out to make a profit, will they not object to paying the going rates for your services or products?

But let’s turn this around.  If you are not being paid well for what you are doing and you are not being rewarded significantly for the work that you are doing with your clients, then how can you carry on and work with more clients?

How can you carry on and improve on what you are doing?  How can you invest in your business systems and create new programs and new services?

So if you are avoiding the question “Am I really in it for the money?”, then maybe it is time that you should be honest with yourself and think “Well, yes, I can be in business for the money, at the same time as really caring about my clients.”

If you can focus yourself on setting strong financial targets this will, in turn, help you to push yourself to give a better service for your clients.

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