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Yes? No?

Yes? No?

Making decisions can be tough.

I get that. The choices you have from both within and outside of your business are huge. It’s like being a kid in a candy store.

And I think here lies the problem.

So much choice, leads to procrastination.

And then there’s the worry about making the *right* decision.

But is there ever a *right* decision?

I firmly believe there will never be a right decision to make. And this is a trap too many get stuck in to.

There really is only *a* decision.

However this dilemma of having to make that *right* decision is with us all. Most of the time.

I don’t know whether it’s the pressure you put on yourself, or the pressure others put on you. Or even if it’s the situation you are in. It doesn’t really matter. If there is pressure to make a *right* decision, it is going to mess up your decision making process.

And thus lead to procrastination.

It’s the reason why people decide to embark on the Get-It-Done Marketing Programme. They are all fed up with the feeling of being caught up in a washing machine cycle. It gets mighty dizzy and you end up going nowhere, fast.

We are only in week one and most of them are finding themselves forced into making decisions on exactly what their product should be and what price to sell it at. How can you possibly market something and sell it if you haven’t made the decision on what to sell?

It seems laughable when I write it like that, and yet too many business owners, just like you, are caught in this decision making nightmare.

Making decisions is tough …. or is it?

Some things are always going to be difficult to decide upon. These things are usually stuff that we shouldn’t be doing. So it is ALWAYS important … actually critical! … that we really and truly listen to our gut. If our gut is umming and arring, then it’s usually because you know it deep down that whatever it is you can’t make a decision on – you really shouldn’t be doing.

But what about the stuff that you have to make a decision on?

Stuff such as “what price do I charge?” – “should I send out a 4 page letter or a brochure?” – “should I try out Facebook adverts?” – “should I be spending time writing blog articles?”

I could write pages and pages of these types of decisions, couldn’t I?

Decisions that aren’t life or death type decisions. But decisions that none the less slow you down, cause confusion and your procrastination stops you from moving forward.

And you know that if you aren’t moving forward in your businesses, you are only going to stagnate and eventually fall backwards, right?

So how can you make the *right* decision on everyday stuff like this?

Step 1. What is your long term or big goal?

Will saying yes or no to your decision help you move closer or further away from it?

Step 2. What are your options?

Is it really a choice of one or the other? Or can you decide to start with one and then move on with the other at a later date?

Step 3. The actual process of making the decision can feel tough – but once you’ve made it, you can start taking action.

It’s amazing how the stress you felt by being indecisive, can simply melt away when you have a clear path forward.

Step 4. Stop churning stuff around in your head – write down your options.

Put them into a SWOT analysis if that’s your thing. But just the simple process of putting pen to paper can suddenly show you the direction you ought to take.

Step 5. You will never know if you are making the *right* decision until you start taking action.

The *wrong* decision is ALWAYS taking no decision!

Does that help?

I would love to read your thoughts and ideas on making decisions. Are you good at making decisions? Are you a ditherer and procrastinator? Have you got any great tips on how to make the decision process easier?

Add a comment below.

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