Whether you are just starting out and looking for your first steady flow of clients or you’re ready to step up, smarten up your business model and refine your marketing systems for growth, then you are in the right place.

When I came to Karen and joined her GID School, my business was at a bit of a low point and I was struggling to get clear on the way forward. Doing more of the same obviously wasn’t the answer, but working out what was, along with the motivation to make it happen was proving hard. 

Karen gave me clarity, a business model that works and loads of common sense advice and encouragement. With her help I’ve got my mojo back, my business is flourishing, and I’m serving my clients better than ever before. 

Karen is the real deal. She gives proper, down to earth, relevant advice and support. She’s not one of those ‘gurus’ who throws a load of hype your way and leaves you to find out later that it’s not actually relevant to your own situation. She listens, she thinks, and she tailors her expert advice. She’s easily the best coach and mentor I’ve ever had.

Mary McNeil

Marketing Systems Creator

Accelerate, Up Level & Grow

A 12 month mastermind showing you exactly how to design and create the right marketing systems and revenue streams to suit your goals and ambitions. Includes personal mentoring and access to all of Karen’s latest training programmes, including Get Clients Fast, Clicks To Clients and Webinar Funnel Mastery.

Get The Right Clients Fast

A 4 month accountability programme where you are personally mentored by Karen. You will be shown exactly how to create a simple marketing and sales system to confidently attract a steady flow of clients that you love to work with, even if you don’t consider yourself to be a natural-born marketer.

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