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“What I love about working with Karen is that she lives and breathes the simplicity principle. She understands what each person needs for their business and guides them down the simplest and most productive path to achieve their goals. Her advice and counsel helps to quiet all the chatter in my head and calm the creative whirlwind.” Wendy Deyell

“If you are a business owner and looking to attract more clients then I highly highly recommend you book yourself on GID Marketing. Best investment I made in my business and myself. Averaging at 3 new clients a month and continued growing database. Karen is authentic, knowledgeable and truly cares about what she does.” Marcia Guyot.

Whether you are just starting out to look for your first steady flow of clients or deciding how to smarten up your business model and refine your marketing systems for growth, then you are in the right place.

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Here are your options …

How to identify and define Your Best Clients.

The simple 5 step process to getting emotionally connected with your market place so you can create laser focused marketing campaigns that effortlessly draw prospects to you.

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How to turn your website visitors into clients … without getting frustrated with the digital tech

Get access to Clicks To Clients and be attracting, nurturing and converting qualified leads in less than 8 weeks

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For coaches, consultants, creatives, therapists & professionals wanting a steady flow of profitable clients

How to confidently attract a steady flow of clients that you love to work with, even if you don’t consider yourself to be a natural-born marketer. This is a 6 month programme where you are personally mentored by me and I’ll show you exactly how to create a simple marketing and sales system to bring in clients constantly and consistently.

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For entrepreneurial business owners looking to up level their business and create the freedom to grow and work only with their best clients

A 12 month mentor-led marketing mastermind group that takes you by the hand to ramp up your marketing strategy so you can get on with what you do best.

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  • Database Growth & Segmentation

    Database Growth & Segmentation

    Developing your biggest asset – your mailing list – taking you step-by-step to developing your email marketing, opt-in reports and autoresponder campaigns

  • Profitable Products

    Profitable Products

    How to create products such as e-books, teleseminars, webinars, membership sites, workshops and group programmes so that you are not restricted to just selling your time by the hour.

  • Selling Yourself At The Right Price

    Selling Yourself At The Right Price

    How to sell yourself effectively, both on an individual basis as well up on the stage presenting at events and conferences, and price yourself at the level that you deserve to be paid

  • Marketing Strategy

    Marketing Strategy

    Creating a clear and focused marketing strategy for your business and how to clearly identify your target client

  • Know Where You Are Headed

    Know Where You Are Headed

    Developing a clear business vision and road-mapping your next 12-24 months to make it easier to know which projects to work on next

  • Knowing Where & What To Start With

    Knowing Where & What To Start With

    Coming up with simple weekly action lists so you know what you should be doing on a daily, weekly and montly basis to win more clients

  • De-Mystifying The Tech

    De-Mystifying The Tech

    Getting to grips with social media and integrating it in to your current marketing activities, as well as understanding which web marketing tools to use (and which ones you can ignore!)

  • How To Hire, Out Source & Build Your Team

    How To Hire, Out Source & Build Your Team

    How to delegate and make sure you are building a team around you so you can focus your energies on what you are good at ... and not the time-sucking admin

  • Creating Content & Copy

    Creating Content & Copy

    What blogging and article writing you can do to create a strong online presence, whilst finding your voice and expressing what you stand for.

Thank you – I have been dwelling on this idea for my training for over a year. Your GID Programme has driven out more clarity of thought on the programme in the 4 or 5 weeks we have been going than in the previous 12 months, never mind all the practical stuff that I have achieved towards actually making it a reality.
Allen Ruddock
Allen Ruddock
Management Consultant & Project Manager Trainer
I have been unable to sleep with the excitement and awe of how my sales page is developing and somehow me too and my relationship with my business. The GID Marketing Programme has transformed that overwhelm, uncertainty and stuck feelings in to joy, liberation and excitement. Thanks to you and the GID Programme, this whole process and experience has taken me off the country roads driving in a worn out car, to the motorway in an Audi Q5! And for this I am eternally grateful.
Marcia O'Regan
Marcia O'Regan
International Colour Therapist
I have delivered a campaign that delivered increased sales for a particular product and it has opened up a communication channel with new potential customers that wouldn’t have been there otherwise. You have used simple language and given me deliverable actions ... not just a load of jargon!
Natasha Roberts
Natasha Roberts
Darling & Darling
We've addressed head-on some key weaknesses in our "offer" in an open and constructively critical way ... and came up with some concrete action points. You didn't shirk at all at the ground we had to cover in the four pretty intensive hours. You tell it as it is. Invaluable.
Rod Paley
Rod Paley
Xtensis Ltd
I thoroughly enjoyed the Profitable Products programme, it has exceeded my expectations and given me the courage and tools to take a leap forward with my business, which is exactly what I signed up for. This programme could not have come at a better time for me and my business. With plenty of encouragement, support, ideas and accountability this programme keeps you on track to get started and start selling your products with confidence. I love Karen’s no nonsense approach, her business experience and inspiring story.
Melanie Mackie
Melanie Mackie
Scarletta Media
Karen's learning programs are packed with content, and her style of delivery makes it easy to learn, ask questions and engage. The 90 minute class was terrific, and I was thrilled with all of the materials that she provided after the class. Karen is First Class!
Deborah Bifulco
Deborah Bifulco
Marketing Coach and Behavioral Analyst
Karen is simply fantastic to work with. She’s focussed, enthusiastic, energetic and a lovely person. Karen is very genuine and honest. If she doesn’t think something will work, she will make positive suggestions on how to improve it. I am looking forward to working with her on an ongoing basis to achieve my other goals. With Karen I know my chances are significantly higher.
Lisa Turner
Lisa Turner
Founder of Psycademy
I used Karen Skidmore to help me create a successful and profitable web business, with as many tasks as possible automated. Her skill in breaking down what seems to be a rather daunting task into extremely manageable bite size chunks. As a result you finish the session confident that it’s all very manageable. She has helped me formulate my long term goal and then get a monthly plan to move forwards towards achieving it.
Mary Waring
Mary Waring
Wealth For Women
I came to Karen because I felt I needed serious direction for my marketing efforts. What I liked best about working with you was your directness; your perspicacity about what is going and the clarity with which you give advice. Your advice is to the point which means you are not wasting people's time!
Anita Sheehan
Anita Sheehan
Impakt Coaching