Do you feel sure there must be an easier way to increase your income and grow your business?

Help! What’s my next move?

Attracting enough clients to your business can be tough, especially if you are a business owner or entrepreneur trying to sell your time for money.

Knowing which business model is best, what products to create, what prices to charge and how you go about finding enough clients to give you the financial freedom you want can be an overwhelming.

And it doesn’t help being sucked in by all the hundreds of free marketing tools and over-hyped advice on how to create that magical 6-figure business. Some is good – but how do you know what’s right for your clients and your business? It can feel like an uphill struggle, can’t it?

  • You want to know how to have clients come to you, naturally and without having to do the “hard-sell”
  • You want to have a business model that generates more income, whilst working less hours
  • You want to have your web marketing systems working effortlessly so you can work when you want to

You just don’t know how!

A personalised 1-2-1 programme with Karen Skidmore will show you

Hi, my name is Karen Skidmore. In 2004 I left an eleven year corporate career to start up my own coaching business. I wanted to create a term-time career to fit around my family life and running my own business seemed to be the ideal solution.

But it was hard work. Far harder than I imagined it would be. Those first six months were a roller-coaster ride of success and failure. My confidence levels crashed. And I was making very little in the way of income.

I still remember that dark day that I wanted to give it all up and go back to a PAYE job. But I didn’t. I decided I had to turn all my previous knowledge of business and marketing learnt in corporate life on its head and invested my time, money and energy in discovering the right ways to design my business.

And, more importantly, the right ways to design my business so that I could enjoy a constant and consistent flow of income whilst being able to create more time to do what I want.

Over the years I have experienced a real roller-coaster of crap months and big success. It’s been a real adventure! But I’m a rather determined person and today I enjoy a flexible and profitable business.

I’m a sought after speaker, published my first book in 2012, run a hugely successful marketing club and love being known as the go-to “tech geek” for help in using marketing tools such as Twitter, Facebook, blogs and email newsletters. And I still balance my time as a mum to two school-age children, whose sports matches I rarely miss, as well as creating time to do “me-stuff” such as tennis, art classes and those all-important girlie lunches and coffee mornings.

I love that I can help other business owners and entrepreneurs like you create the right business model, set up profitable marketing systems and offer the right products so that you can work with more clients, whilst working less hours.

You see, unlike many business mentors and marketing gurus out there, I’ve got the T-Shirt (well, if truth be told … a whole wardrobe of them!) and I know what it takes to get your business turned around and moving in the right direction.

How will working with Karen make a difference to you and your business?

What we end up working on together is entirely up to you and your present circumstances. That’s the great thing about a personalised 1-2-1 programme – there’s no fixed agenda to squeeze you in to! You will see below there are options to choose from, but you are an individual and your goals and aspirations are unique to you. Although I have much to share with you, not all of it may be relevant to the path you end up taking and you need clarity and focus on where to make the biggest difference in your business right now, don’t you?

  • You may be just starting out and need to focus on some “quick-wins” to build both your cash flow and your business confidence.
  • You may have been in business for a few years and feel frustrated by your lack of consistent and constant clients.

Whatever stage of business you are at, we can work out what needs working on first and help you achieve a clear action plan to get working on.

“I used Karen Skidmore to help me create a successful and profitable web business, with as many tasks as possible automated.  Her skill in breaking down what seems to be a rather daunting task into extremely manageable bite size chunks. As a result you finish the session confident that it’s all very manageable. She has helped me formulate my long term goal and then get a monthly plan to move forwards towards achieving it. ”
Mary Waring
Here are just some of the topics that you may want to focus on:
  • Creating a clear and focused marketing strategy for your business
  • Clearly identify your target client
  • Developing and creating your core products and programmes
  • Developing a clear business vision and road-mapping your next 12-24 months to make it easier to know which projects to work on next
  • Coming up with simple weekly action lists so you know what you should be doing on a daily, weekly and montly basis to win more clients
  • Improving your pricing structure to improve your profitabilty
  • Understanding which marketing activities will work for your business
  • Getting to grips with social media and integrating it in to your current marketing activities
  • Discussing website and email newsletter options and which solution would be the most effective for your business
  • Reviewing your current website and marketing literature to help you increase your conversion rate
“I started working with Karen because although all the bits of my business were working they weren’t really integrated with each other. After only a single session I achieved my first two goals – to start running teleseminars and to get bookings for an upcoming course. With Karen’s support and advice I set up and ran my first ever teleseminar and as a direct result got bookings on an upcoming course. I am absolutely delighted with the result and how easy it was with Karen’s help. With Karen I know my chances are significantly higher.”
Lisa Turner, Pyscademy
You will also benefit from my experience and knowledge in:
  • How to sell yourself effectively, both on an individual basis as well up on the stage presenting at events and conferences
  • How to price yourself at the level that you deserve to be paid
  • What blogging and article writing can do to create a strong online presence
  • How to create your own teleseminars, webinars, membership sites and workshop programmes
  • Developing your biggest asset – your mailing list – taking you step-by-step to developing your email marketing, opt-in reports and autoresponder campaigns
  • How to utlise tools such as Infusionsoft so that they are working hard for you … and not just being a drain on your finances
  • How to get the results you want from your website
  • How to create products such as e-books and home study programmes so that you are not just selling your time by the hour
  • Discussing website and email newsletter options and which solution would be the most effective for your business
  • How to delegate and make sure you are building a team around you so you can focus your energies on what you are good at … and not the time-sucking admin
Where and how does all this work?

You have three options. Which one you choose depends on what type of support you want.

Accelerate Programme 2014

For entrepreneurs who are serious about making a massive difference to their business results and ready to step out of their comfort zones

Your profits are not where they should be. Yes, your business may well be turning over a few thousand pounds a month, perhaps even more … but why is that your hourly rate stinks?!

If you are trading your time for money, this is exhausting and it’s just not sustainable. And you are probably feeling frustrated that you haven’t got the right business model nor the right marketing systems in place to grow.

You may feel overwhelmed, stressed out or simply lost on where to go next. But the one defining characteristic of someone who is ready to undertake the challenge of this Accelerate Programme is that you are ready to take real action.

You know that if you could just have someone to help shake up your ideas, show you how to create a business model that allows you to attract consistent and constant clients throughout the year and push you to make the income that you know you deserve … you would get to where you know you really want to go.

And once you have that, you absolutely know you are going to make it work!

This is a six month programme and this is what you will get:

  • Initial 4 hour laser-focused Strategy Session with me at a Surrey Hotel – at the end of this initial session you will be absolutely clear on which direction you will be heading in, what your business model is going to be and an Implementation Plan for you to work from (worth £795)
  • Six Months of Unlimited Power Hour sessions where we speak via the phone or skype every 2 to 3 weeks to track with your progress, answer all your questions or queries and keep you on the straight and narrow throughout the following months (each Power Hour session is worth £195)
  • A further 4 hour Strategy Session, usually scheduled in the third or fourth month. This is a really useful “checking-in” session; perfect for going through the marketing campaigns and business model that you are creating as well as for mapping out the next stage of your business plans (worth £795)
  • Full support between your Power Hour sessions via email – ask me what ever you want (to have me respond to any question within 48 hours … priceless!)
  • Critique on all your sales copy and marketing material that you may produce as a result of your Implementation Plan (worth .. priceless!)

Yup! you’ve read right.  As well as the two laser focused Strategy Sessions, full email support and in depth marketing critiques, you can have as many private mentoring calls as you want each and every month, as long as it’s at a time that is mutually acceptable to us both.

If the work we do together is helping you launch a new product or re-engineering your whole business model, we can schedule a call every day … if this is what you want.

The only restriction I have is that my time available for private mentoring calls is during term times only. I’ve always ran my private mentoring this way and since I started in business in 2004, my diary has been open Monday to Thursday from 12noon to 5pm during school terms. This still gives you almost 34 weeks to book as many Power Hours in as my diary allows!

Your investment: £5,795 or 6 easier monthly payments of £975


“We’ve addressed head-on some key weaknesses in our “offer” in an open and constructively critical way … and came up with some concrete action points. You didn’t shirk at all at the ground we had to cover in the four pretty intensive hours. You tell it as it is. Invaluable.”
Rod Paley, Xtensis Ltd
“I came to Karen because I felt I needed serious direction for my marketing efforts. What I liked best about working with you was your directness; your perspicacity about what is going and the clarity with which you give advice. Your advice is to the point which means you are not wasting people’s time!”
Anita Sheehan, ImpaKt Coaching

laser programme 2014

Best for business owners who want to get clear on where they are heading … fast!

If you are stuck in the Ideas Trap, then you will know difficult it is to focus your efforts on taking action and getting any results. The great thing about Google is that it will give you answers to every problem you have … but that’s the problem. Which answer is going to be right for you and your business?

You just need to have someone who can cut through all the crap and help you get clarity on where you need to go.

If you feel the Accelerate Programme is a little too scary or you frankly don’t have the budget for it (yet!) then start off with this 6 week programme with me. This programme is perfect if you want specific help on launching a new product, need to get clear on how to implement a specific marketing strategy such as webinar marketing or publishing a book or want clarity on how to get continuity revenue set up in your business model.

This is what you will get during this 6 week programme:

  • 3 Power Hour calls, one scheduled every 2 weeks; your initial Power Hour call will get you absolutely clear on your strategy and the following two calls will be focused on supporting you in your implementation plan. (each one worth £195) 
  • Full support via email during the 6 weeks - ask me whatever question you want (to have me respond to any question within 48 hours … priceless!)
  • Critique on all your sales copy and marketing material that you may produce as a result of your Implementation Plan (worth .. priceless!)

Your investment: £995 or two easier monthly payments of £495


“I have been unable to sleep with excitement and awe of how my marketing of my new programme is developing and somehow me too and my relationship with my business. It has transformed that overwhelm, uncertainty and stuck feelings in to joy, liberation and excitement.

Thanks to you, Karen, this whole process and experience has taken me off the country roads driving in a worn out car, to the motorway in an Audi Q5! It is my wish and inner knowing that the work we are doing together is going to get me driving more comfortably on this new found motorway increasing speed from 70 miles and hour to 12o miles an hour.

Marcia O'Regan, Colour Harmonie


GID Academy 2014

For business owners looking for monthly mentoring, accountability and group support

Working for yourself and running your own business is empowering. Being responsible for creating your own income can certainly give you a rush of adrenalin. But these rushes of adrenalin aren’t always good for you, are they?

When things don’t always go according to plan. Or you have a crap day. Or you just hit the wall and feel you’ve run out of ideas of how to your marketing up and running again. Working for your often means working BY yourself … and it’s not only lonely, it can be bad for business, too!

Sharing ideas, learning from other peoples’ mistakes and being inspired by what works is part of what makes business owners, like you, MASSIVELY successful. And it’s this masterminding plus the accountability that comes from regular group calls and deadlines PLUS my experience and knowledge of what marketing tools. systems and processes work that come together in the GID Marketing Academy.

This is what you will get:

  • Monthly Mastermind Calls - once a month you, me and the other Academy members call in for a 90 minute group conference call where you can apply for one of the 3 Hot Seats and join in with the Q&A session. No need to travel; simply dial in from your office or kitchen table! (each one worth £245) 
  • Monthly Swipe & Deploy Pack – get a top secret marketing pack containing templates and cut and paste copy for you to use in your business straight away (worth .. priceless!)
  • Power Hour Calls – depending on which level you join, you can either schedule a private mentoring call with me once a month or have unlimited access (each one worth £195) 
  • Marketing Critiques – again depending on which level you join, you can get honest and direct feedback on whatever marketing you produce which can potentially save your hours of wasted marketing and massively help you increase your results and sales (worth .. priceless!)
  • Access to the GID Marketers Facebook Group - connect with the other Academy members and ask for feedback, get ideas and recommendations. No need to put on a “Everything is perfect” front that is usual on Facebook … it’s refreshing and invigorating to be so honest online without the worry that potential customers or competitors may get to see what you are up to and how you feel. (worth .. priceless!)
  • Private Email Support – what ever can’t wait until your Mastermind Calls or you don’t want to post in the Facebook Group, you can send me an email and get your questions or queries answered fast. (to have me respond to any question within 48 hours … priceless!)
  • Invitation to attend the live GID Marketing Events – depending on which level you subscribe to, you can get a front seat reserved at any of the live Get It Done events and attend as my VIP Guest. (each ticket price worth £495) 

Your investment: Monthly subscriptions start from £245


There’s no magic pill!

But remember … there’s no magic pill

As much as I would love to help you create the business that you aspire to own, I can’t give you a magic pill to swallow.

I know you know this deep down, but I wouldn’t be able to help you any way unless I am clear that you understand this. There is no easy way to make more money. Passive income only comes from the blood, sweat and tears that go in to creating the systems and products that allow you win more clients, whilst working less hours.

Whichever programme you wish to discuss with me, you have to be aware that I expect you to take action after and during our sessions together … sometimes massive action that means that you find yourself waaaaay out of your comfort zone.

I’ll support you. I’ll be your cheerleader. But as much as I can kick your butt in to the right direction, I can’t do it for you. That is up to you!

So, as long as me and you are clear on that … then let’s talk.

Here’s what you need to do right now …

Your first step is to simply put request a time for us to speak. Yup, we need to arrange a time to speak and discuss your options via the phone or skype.

It’s really important that we do this as this will help both of us decide whether we are right for each other. If you prefer to speak to someone before completing the form below, please call my right-hand woman Alexia Padgham on 01428 607745. Alexia has been my PA for more than four years and she can answer most questions you may have.

Add your name and email right here …

Please note … The Laser Programme is designed to begin at the start of a new half term and the Strategy Sessions included in the Accelerate Programme are not available during the months of July, August and December. I practice what I preach and only work during the school term time to fit around my children’s holidays. I like it like that and, if this is something that you would like to have, I can most definitely teach you how, too.