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turning your blog into your book ginny carter

10 Ways to Turn Your Blog into a Book

If you’re a coach, a speaker or an expert in your field, it can feel like having a book is becoming a ‘must have’ if you want to build your expert authority. But writing a book feels like a huge challenge, right? Where do you start? How do you source your material? What on earth […]


Treat your clients like children

Imagine a 5 year old boy. Let’s call him Tom. Tom needs looking after as his mum has to work and you have agreed to help out for a couple of hours after school. Now, Tom is a typical 5 year old boy. He wants to play football.  He wants to go to the park […]

Cancel Button

Cancel your advertising and throw away your leaflets

When people consider whether to give up on their business and go back to corporate life it’s not because they prefer PAYE world. It’s usually because they have just run out money.  They aren’t able to make enough income to cover their day-to-day costs, let along make a profit. But these businesses don’t go out […]

The art of the follow up: How to stop losing business that’s right there under your nose

Following up and keeping in touch are easily forgotten. Day to day you are busy responding to emails, client projects, telephone calls and whatever else demands your attention. Days can merge into weeks; weeks into months. And before you know it, that potential client you spoke to about starting a new project has been lost […]

Spray and pray marketing: the problems and the solutions

When a few of your long term clients – you know the ones; the ones you bank on being there for the next few months – begin to “evaluate” their current contracts, it is easy to feel a sense of anxiety. Perhaps your motivation and confidence starts to wobble as one after another potential lead says “Thanks, but […]

Stop laying out the buffet [GID TV]

  It’s real easy to think that you have to be telling potential clients about EVERYTHING you do right from the very off. After all, you want to make sure they can see the value in what you do, don’t you? There are too many of you who have a big, long list of every […]

The Daily Marketing Thing That Will Get You More Clients

Today on GID TV: If you’re going to do one ‘marketing’ thing a day, what should it be? There will be a hundred and one things you could be doing each and every day to bring in new business. It can get really overwhelming. In fact I know many clients who have come to me […]

Want to be paid to do your marketing?

If you were to be paid to do your marketing, would you do more? It’s often one of the reasons why marketing gets shoved down the to-do-list.  Client work gets priority because you know you are invoicing for your time.  Or the orders that come through have to be packaged and dispatched because your customers […]