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Stop laying out the buffet [GID TV]


Stop Laying Out The Buffet   YouTubeIt’s real easy to think that you have to be telling potential clients about EVERYTHING you do right from the very off.

After all, you want to make sure they can see the value in what you do, don’t you?

There are too many of you who have a big, long list of every possible service or product that someone could buy from you listed on your leaflets and website.

The problem with laying out EVERYTHING you can do for your clients is that this list can be over whelming. Offer them too much at the start and they will quite likely tell you that “I love what you do .. but let me go away and have a think about it!”

You’ve given them too much to think about so it’s easier for them NOT to think about it and you’re left with chasing up a lead that will probably never convert.

So you need to get laser focused with your offers and watch today’s GID TV episode to find out how you go about it.



OK … here’s what I need to do now. I would like to hear from you.

What do you do in your marketing? Do you lay out the buffet, hoping that someone somewhere is going to come up and pick something out that they like?

Or are you struggling to come up with a focused promotional offer?

Leave a comment below. I’d love to hear from you and what you think about this.

The Daily Marketing Thing That Will Get You More Clients

The Daily Marketing Thing That Will Get Your More Clients   YouTube

Today on GID TV: If you’re going to do one ‘marketing’ thing a day, what should it be?

There will be a hundred and one things you could be doing each and every day to bring in new business.

It can get really overwhelming.

In fact I know many clients who have come to me feeling so overwhelmed with the possibilities that they are totally stuck on the “where do I start” question. There is so much you could be doing … but you probably end up doing nothing. A bit like a rabbit stuck in headlamps.

So if there was one marketing thing to do each and every day, what would it be?

Now I am sure there will plenty of you waiting for me to say things like “send out an email with an offer” or “write a blog post” or “post on your Facebook page” … nah!

Let’s keep this real simple. Let’s do away with the tech. Let’s do away with the big ideas. Let’s focus on the simple most powerful way to get focused results from your marketing.

Are you ready for it?  …. watch the video to find out!

Your Comments Please: How do you feel about this “Marketing Thing”? Do you do this in your business? Or is it the one marketing thing that you avoid at all costs? And if so, why?

I would love to know how you feel about sales conversations and speaking to potential clients so leave a comment below.

Want to be paid to do your marketing?

paidIf you were to be paid to do your marketing, would you do more?

It’s often one of the reasons why marketing gets shoved down the to-do-list.  Client work gets priority because you know you are invoicing for your time.  Or the orders that come through have to be packaged and dispatched because your customers have paid you already.

When you get busy with clients and customers, the article writing, press releases, networking events and newsletter writing gets re-scheduled or, even worse, cancelled all together.

But what if your marketing time brought you an income?  And I don’t mean income from clients and customers as a result of your marketing.  I mean your marketing activity actually generated a revenue.

Let me give you an example.

I went to a wine tasting event recently. Well, when I say wine tasting, it was more of a wine drinking evening!  But hangover aside, what impressed me about this event was the way it was put together.

We had already bought wine from this wine importer.  The owner is a real personality and his genuine love for Italian wines and food is infectious.  When we got a postcard advertising this weekend’s wine tasting event, we already knew and trusted this company and decided to bring some friends along for a good night out.

For £25 a head, we were promised a three course meal and tasting of ten different wines.  And we arrived on the night, there were another 90 people in the room, all of whom had paid £25 a head to taste the wines on offer.

As the evening progressed, we were introduced to two of the wine growers who had flown all the way over from Italy to tell us the story behind their wines.  And as the wines flowed and we were asked to grade which ones we liked, the orders started to flow.

We left with a promised delivery of 36 bottles of our favourites of the night and going by the rest of the crowd, you could be sure that most of the diners will be expecting similar sized, if not more, deliveries this week too.

Now why blog about this event?

Now, I can bet that there are hundreds of wine importing businesses offering wine tasting events.  I see them all the time.  “Free wine tasting. Drop in any time.” is the usual headline.  And yes, these events can work too.

But when you think big and start charging for what it is you deliver, your marketing can easily start to become an income stream.  AND a better conversion system in the process.

We got exceptional value from our £25.  The food was top notch.  The atmosphere was relaxed and friendly.  There was a real buzz in the room.  And yes, there is nothing like a good bit of alchol to loosen that credit card!

But this wine importers not only ran a fantastic promotion event, they probably made a good profit from it too.

What can you do this year that turns your promotional and marketing activity in to an income stream AND create a stronger conversion system in the process? Let me know in the comments below!