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Are you being explicit enough with your clients?

When you want to make an offer to your client, it feels easier to make a soft approach.  You don’t want to scare them off so you decide to outline what your services or your products are and finish off with a “If you are interested, why don’t you get in touch?” After... read more

How persistent are you?

Not so long ago saw the opening of the Hindhead Tunnel; a £371 Million road bypass project almost completed. It boosts to be the longest road tunnel in the UK measuring at 1.1 miles and is a most beautifully designed – almost TelyTubby like in appearance – piece of... read more

Is your brand more important than your clients?

Pick up any glossy magazine or national newspaper and you can find any number of adverts shouting out at you to grab your attention.  But take a closer look at many of these adverts and you’ll find that most of them actually haven’t grabbed your attention... read more

Mental space is critical for small business success

When you are running your own business, it is very easy to find yourself busy – ALL of the time. When you aren’t answering the phone or replying to emails, you are speaking to clients, going to meetings and doing the work that you are being paid to do.  All that... read more

Is your website a help or a hindrance?

Every business should have a website, right? True.  Every business, big or small, should have some sort of web presence.  The internet is part of every day life and, as you don’t need thousands of pounds to get a business online now, there really is little... read more

Email newletters: Give yours some personality

Email newsletters are a very powerful way of building your own database for your business.  By giving value in the form of top tip articles, latest industry news or practical advice on “how-to-dos” will allow your subscribers to build trust in your... read more

Never enough time…..or is there?

Time is a precious commodity, there is no doubt. As I watch my teenage children grow older each and every year, I wonder how my little babies grew up so fast to become young adults. But time is equal for us all. Every second, minute and hour equals the exact same... read more


The double-edged sword of social media. On one hand, social media has revolutionised the way we can market ourselves and our businesses. Giving us tools to become visible and share our expertise. On the other, it’s keeping so many of us away from fulfilling our... read more

When Good Is Good Enough [Rant!]

When you run your own business, it’s easy to get personal about what you do. You care passionately about the images and messages that are used to represent your business. You worry if a spelling mistake or grammatical error causes offence. You worry that the price you... read more

Automated Marketing: Spam or Sprinkles?

Whenever I start talking about automated marketing, I always hear the odd intake of breath from certain people in the audience. The very word “automated” makes the whole process sound robotic and sausage-factory-like. And yet, if you don’t automate part of your... read more

Stop With The Content! Promote First…..

When it comes to marketing workshops, programmes and webinars the number one BIGGEST mistake small businesses make is spending time developing the content first. Typical Small Business Owner Here’s what happens for most coaches, trainers and consultants:... read more

The Secrets To Creating Time

Can you really create extra time to spend on your business? When you run your own business and work for yourself, spending time on your business can be hard to do.  After all, you are so busy trying to market yourself and then working on the clients you generate,... read more

Better or safer? Because you can’t have both!

Are you someone who wants better? Or safer? Seth Godin, in his book “Leap First”, explains that we all fit into one of these two camps. You either want better and thus make choices such as leave your job or re-train to start up your own business, so you... read more

7 Steps To Attracting New Clients To Your Business

When you run your own small business, attracting new clients is often one of the biggest challenges you face.  And especially so when you are in the first couple of years of trading. But how do you go about finding new clients?  And why do some businesses seem to... read more

What Your Book Cover Says About You

Do people judge a book by its cover? Most of us have been taught to never pre-judge people and to always look beyond someone’s appearance before casting an opinion.  And yes, in society this is certainly how I like to be treated. But, in business, we often find... read more

Bigger picture – drowning in detail

I put on my running shoes and got out for my run at 7.15am this morning. It wasn’t easy for me. However, I’m at “certain age” that if I don’t exercise now, I know I’ll regret it in 10 years time. But this morning didn’t end up... read more

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