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black friday sale

Should you be doing a Black Friday promo?

There’s a difference from being and doing, isn’t there? But the tug of war between what you do and who you are being is often hard to spot. I was out walking my dog yesterday, listening to my favourite podcast – Own It run by Nicola Cairncross and Judith Morgan which I can highly recommend […]

business planning blog

Simple business planning – is it really possible to have fun creating one?

Fun, creative business planning – is it really possible? Do SMART goals bring you out in hives? Does the thought of opening up a spreadsheet to work out your revenue goals and cashflow create a sudden passion for cleaning out the kitchen cupboards? Anything is better than having to do a business plan, right? Just […]

simple but not always easy

Simple … but not always easy

Marketing is flippin’ complicated today. 15 years ago – back before youTube, Periscope and even Facebook (how did life manage to exist before Facebook??!!) – there were only a few ways of getting clients. Networking, conferences and exhibitions. Picking up the phone and sending a fax (remember those?!) Printing mass mailings and stuffing envelopes (ahhh […]

landing page software blog article

The pros and cons of using landing page software

Gone are the days when you needed to learn HTML coding to create web pages. Software available today is both easy to use and affordable to buy for the majority of small business owners and self-employed consultants. And, in particular, landing page software has exploded over the past couple of years. You – a non-techy […]

blog post 7 rules perimenopausal

7 Rules for perimenopausal women running their own business

Who’d have thought that there’d come a time that I would be writing an article about how to deal with the perimenopause whilst running your own business? I’ve become a woman-of-a-certain, even though when I look in the mirror I get a shock each time because the face doesn’t seem to reflect the mind that’s […]


The 90 Day Goal Vault: how to follow one course until successful

FOCUS … Follow one course until successful. Gotta love a new mnemonic to start off a new season, don’t you think?! After a summer of holidaying, ferrying teenagers around, flitting here and there and generally being very un-focused, September has always been the month that gets me going again. My personal focus is to get […]

5 questions to get clients spending money with you

How easy do you make it for your clients to spend money with you?

It just couldn’t happen. A week at Disney World, Florida and for me NOT to write an article based on my experiences of simply one of the best customer focused businesses … well, it just wasn’t going to happen, was it?! 6 days spent getting up at 7am so we could beat the breakfast queues […]

make an easy sale blog post

What does it take to make an easy sale? Lessons from a real-life case study.

Clients rarely buy what you have to offer on first contact. In fact, let me rephrase that; clients NEVER buy what you have to offer on first contact. Spontaneous purchases are usually low-risk and low-cost; the kind of purchase you may make whilst wandering up the aisle of your supermarket or when checking out on […]