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Unplug, take a break and get your business creativity back

Your inbox is full to the brim. You have a ton of messages in your facebook account. You have had upteen invitations to connect on LinkedIn.  And your Twitter stream is flowing so fast you have trouble keeping up with every tweet, link and reply. It’s no wonder that... read more

Not enough hours in the day? Pah!

Not enough time in the day to get all your stuff done? Pah! It’s not time that’s your issue – it’s a lack a direction! This may sound harsh but it’s true.  None of us feel that we have enough hours in the day.  It’s a complaint that slips easily off our tongues. And... read more

One week? One month? One year? Or not at all?

If I was to ask you how far ahead do you plan your marketing, what would you say? Do you splutter in to your morning coffee and stammer “Plan? Do I have to plan my marketing?” Or do you merrily dig out out a your inch thick marketing plan that’s buried under piles of... read more

What’s that gathering dust on your desk?

In this online world that we all seem to live in, it is easy to focus all your efforts on one or more of the many social media tools out there. Yup, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram are being used more and more by small businesses. But did you know that there... read more

Regular monthly pay checks: How can you create one?

Getting away from corporate life was great, wasn’t it?  You are your own boss now and you have the freedom to do whatever you want! But what about the monthly pay check? Do you miss that guaranteed money each and every month? One of the biggest reasons that small... read more

Be different, be better or be there

There’s a common question that comes up again and again in my weekly GID School calls. “How can I be different?” I understand why many of you have this question because, after all, much marketing advice out there is about being clear on your Unique... read more

Is the Time For Money Trap real?

Have you ever been worried about getting stuck in the time for money trap? Are you chasing the dream of creating a product based business out of your expertise so you don’t have to sell your time by the hour? I first heard the phrase when I launched myself into... read more

Business Conversations: nature or nurture?

Business conversations: nature or nurture? I don’t know how you feel about having in-person conversations but, just from the very fact I have to use the phrase “in-person” in front of the word conversation, I know too many of our business... read more

Marketing with your Menstrual Cycle

Have you ever taken into account the timings of your monthly cycle when planning your business or deciding when to launch your next programme? It’s not a common question I ask my female clients, that’s for sure. But as I go about planning my next 90 days, I find I’m... read more

More Leads May Not Be The Answer

Earlier this week I blogged about What Got You Here Won’t Get You There. I challenged you to think about where your potential bottlenecks may be in your business. One of the prime spots for bottlenecks is within your sales and marketing process, which I... read more

What Got You Here Won’t Get You There

The success you’ve had in recent months is, of course, to be recognised and celebrated. But the actions you took and the person you decided to be to get you here, won’t necessarily be the same actions and choices to make in the future. Likewise, the... read more

The self-imposed glass ceiling on your income potential

Do you put a glass ceiling on your income and limit your earning potential? I know you wouldn’t intentionally, would you? I know you wouldn’t put a “CLOSED” sign up on your website or ignore email enquires. So why is it, that at certain times of your business growth,... read more

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