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5 questions to get clients spending money with you

How easy do you make it for your clients to spend money with you?

It just couldn’t happen. A week at Disney World, Florida and for me NOT to write an article based on my experiences of simply one of the best customer focused businesses … well, it just wasn’t going to happen, was it?! 6 days spent getting up at 7am so we could beat the breakfast queues […]

make an easy sale blog post

What does it take to make an easy sale? Lessons from a real-life case study.

Clients rarely buy what you have to offer on first contact. In fact, let me rephrase that; clients NEVER buy what you have to offer on first contact. Spontaneous purchases are usually low-risk and low-cost; the kind of purchase you may make whilst wandering up the aisle of your supermarket or when checking out on […]

How to convert your email enquiries

Why your email enquires rarely convert and what you can do about it

That moment when you get that out of the blue email enquiry that you weren’t expecting. A new client. They’ve found your website somehow. Someone may have referred you. All the hard work that you’ve been putting in feels like it’s starting to pay off. Yip yeah!! What’s the first thing you do? Well, probably […]

swiping good for business blog post

The secret to good swiping

I was a little unsure whether to share this or not. First of all, swiping is one of the biggest marketers’ trade secrets and I know that almost everyone does it but often does not do it well. And secondly, well … some people see it is a dirty practice! When done well, swiping can […]

how to create customer surveys blog

And the survey says …

When was the last time you asked your subscribers or clients what they wanted help with? It’s easy to feel you know what your audience wants, especially if you’ve been in your business for a few years or more. But we live a fast paced life today and fashions, trends, technology and buying habits change […]

blog buying cycle karen skidmore

How in sync are you with your clients’ buying cycles?

If I was to ask you think about marketing and what you did to bring in new clients, I bet you could start reeling off a list of tools and tactics. Facebook, networking events, ebooks, exhibitions, LinkedIn, advertising in your local parish mag … a big long list of all the ways that you think […]

Karen Skidmore 90 day planning mastermind day

3 simple lessons from my 90 day planning morning

Yesterday I just spent the morning with my GID Academy members planning out their next 90 days. Big, hairy, audacious goals help us play as large as we like to go, but big goals can also be incredible overwhelming. You either spend your days getting busy – but that often leads you to being busy […]

Farmer hand in Wheat field.

Sowing the seeds: knowing when to harvest your business leads

There appears to have been a theme for me this week in several conversations with my clients. “I’ve been putting in the hard work, but when will I get the results?” It’s what I struggle with myself from time to time. I go hard at something – a new plan or trying out a different […]