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Treat your clients like children

Imagine a 5 year old boy. Let’s call him Tom. Tom needs looking after as his mum has to work and you have agreed to help out for a couple of hours after school. Now, Tom is a typical 5 year old boy. He wants to play football.  He wants to go to the park […]


Blog or Email Newsletter: Which one should you be doing?

Having been sending out my email newsletter since 2004 and blogging since 2005, it’s not surprising that these two marketing topics get asked of me time and time again. But one question that really stands out in popularity is the “Should I be blogging or sending out email newsletters?” So, if you are a little confused about […]

price tags

The secret game of knowing what to charge

Do you angst over your charge rates most weeks? Are you charging enough? Are you charging too much? Are you charging a fair fee for what it is you do? The mental games you play with yourself over what and how to charge for your time, your products, your services and your programmes can go on […]

completed blue rubber stamp

When is good, good enough?

The problem that most business owners have when it comes to any form of “out there” marketing is perfection. No matter whether it’s a 500 word blog article, an email out to your list, a tweet or a podcast recording … when you put yourself out there, the world and it’s cat can see, read […]

I Don't Care

It just doesn’t matter

How often has your marketing failed? You’ve tentatively put together an offer; you’ve waivered about the price; you set a date for sending out your first email …. and then nothing. Not one nibble. It’s enough to send you crying back under your duvet, isn’t it? Well, here’s the truth about marketing; it’s never meant […]

Alice in wonderland

Falling down Alice’s rabbit hole

It’s been a while since I wrote my first book. It was always my intention to write books. After all, how could I possibly continue to introduce myself as “Speaker, Author and Marketing Expert” if I wasn’t authoring? How long could I continue to ride the wave of the one book I had written? Plus, […]

Cancel Button

Cancel your advertising and throw away your leaflets

When people consider whether to give up on their business and go back to corporate life it’s not because they prefer PAYE world. It’s usually because they have just run out money.  They aren’t able to make enough income to cover their day-to-day costs, let along make a profit. But these businesses don’t go out […]

The more you learn, the less you know

As you dive in to the foray of the marketing world and stumble upon product after programme after 7 Step Success Formula, it soon becomes apparent that the more you learn, the less you seem to know. I’ve been around this marketing world for just over 10 years now. Starting up before WordPress, before Facebook […]